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A couple of concerns
  • Not having bought an Aneros yet, I have a couple of questions.

    1) I have read much on this item and that it indeed takes a fair amount of lubrication to use at and achieve desired results, but since it apparently is over an inch diameter at the largest, I am concerned about how easily it really goes in or comes out. Why is only one size available (or are there different ones)?

    2) It sounds like there is some difficulty keeping the perineum stimulator in the proper place. If this is so, why isn't it made wider, or of a different shape?

    I love anal / prostate stimulation and hope to try this device soon.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    If you're at all accustomed to anal play you should have no problem with using the standard (MGX) Aneros. However, if you are really concerned about it, they do offer a smaller size model called the PS2 (you'll have to call them on this one to order it). Given proper lubrication though, both sizes are fairly easily accommodated.

    Your question regarding the abutment tab is a good one, and it's come up quite often in the forum. The answer is that stabilizing the tab with a larger or more supported design effectively diffuses the pressure that the tab brings to bear on the perineal accupressure spot. The Aneros is designed so that ANY movement of your anus from a contraction to the smallest quiver is instantly translated as pressure to the tab. This sets up the sensory feedback loop that is essential to generating the "non-ejaculatory orgasm" or Super O (as I call it). Stabilizers or a larger shape would also make the tab less responsive.

    The "work-around" is fairly simple, and it involves using one or two fingers for guide purposes only (being careful not to exert any pressure..again the anus must be the only source of pressure)

    Check it out!

    B Mayfield
  • OK - thanks much. Well, if so many seem to be alright with the size,
    I guess I will try the normal one.

    I see your point about the stimulator. I was just thinking that if one
    has to hold it in place it would detract from the experience.