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  • pjk December 2003
Can't Wait!
  • pjkpjk
    Posts: 2
    I just place my order today and am totally excited about giving this a try. I have had some health issues now and in the past that I am hoping that this will help me with. All the things that have plagued me are things that others have seen relief from with this great product. I am only 30 years old and hope this helps me. I hope to use it during sex with my wife since she knows i like my bum played with big time. I am hoping that it will give me more endurance to last longer for her sake. I will have to get used to it before I use it during sex on my own time first. I really hope to see the results that you all have seen. I will keep you all posted.
  • pjkpjk
    Posts: 2
    Well I received Aneros the day after I ordered it. Used the next business day shipping and it was here the next day. I was very anxious to try it out as soon as I got it. I lubed it and myself up good and gave it a try. I agree that it does take several sessions to get use to the feeling of the massager and also find the place where it feels best. I just got done using it for the third time since I got it and had the best feeling yet. I had it in for almost an hour and that whole time my body felt very tingly and warm. It was like everyone does say quite undescribeable. I wasn't to sure about this little thing at first but it is starting to really effect me in a big "good" way. I have the next couple of days off and plan to really get some use out of it now. I am really hoping to possibly hit the "Big O" in that time. Once I am mastering this I am planning to introduce it into my sex life. I am just wondering how the wife will react to it when I tell her about it. She knows I am rather kinky and has massaged my perineum before much to my liking. I just don't know how she will react to it. What I should do is put it in for a Hot Sex Session so she can see what magic it does. Then she will wonder how the hell I acted like I did. She has been on me about my speedy delivery the last couple of years so I am hoping this help to give me some control for the both of our sakes. Anyone with any suggestions let me know.

    PS I will keep you updated as to how the next couple of days goes for me.