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Newbie has a couple questions!
  • Hello,

    I recieved my Aneros a couple days ago. I've done 4 15-20 minute sessions with it. The first 3 times I used it, I didn't feel anything at all. The 4th time I used it I got some involuntary twitches of my penis and anus. But I still didn't reach orgasm. Does it take your body awhile to reach the point of even a weak orgasm? I have read in some of the posts of people having orgasms with their first try. I am wondering what I might be doing wrong. The method i've been using is to start out in the relaxed position on my side. I start with a mild contraction.. and hold it for a few seconds and then increase the pressure a very very small amount and hold it for a few seconds.. and continue that until I find the pressure level that starts the twitching. If there is anything im doing wrong or missing please let me know.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Check out my thread "Key to the Backdoor....", it will give you an overview as I see it. Yes, the Super O takes time and patience to develop, but an enhanced traditional orgasm (by stimulating your penis with the Aneros inserted) is available right out of the box. To start with concentrate on just generating some good sensations and see where it takes you. Don't get hung up on the process. If you get to a point where you're experiencing involuntary twitches make sure the abutment tab is correctly placed (and maintained) on your perineum. It should be roughly in center, it is the extension of the raised area that runs on the underside of your penis. You'll know you've got it right when you feel a tingling sensation that runs inside your penis to you anus and prostate simultaneously. This "sweet spot" (as I've called it in the past), is hard to maintain since the area is slightly raised, so the tab wants to move to one side or the other rather than stay in the middle. Use a finger or two as GUIDES ONLY. NO pressure should be yielded from your fingers whatsoever, so that the involuntary anal twitching is the only source of pressure. In this way a sensory loop is created with your rectum, prostate, anus and perineum.

    It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong per se, but you need to experiment and find what best suits you. For instance, try some different positions; on your back (my preferred), kneeling over a bed, etc. There are very few who've experience the Super O from the get go and fewer still who have experienced consistent results from the very beginning. Again, this all requires patience and some new learning.

    B Mayfield

    p.s Be certain to read through this forum thoroughly, it's a terrific resource!

  • Originally Posted By: Snaef98

    I have read in some of the posts of people having orgasms with their first try. I am wondering what I might be doing wrong.


    From personal experience I'm guessing that you're trying too hard. Also, that you may be thinking that you can blend what you've been doing with the Aneros thing. What has been said about your contractions should be based on "less is more" is totally correct. Getting the process going involves some subtle internal movement and sensations. If you can be patient, and I recognize that getting off is rarely a thing done patiently, the sensations WILL grow and can be simply overwhelming. I come from a lot of high-intensity traditional sex mixed with heavy use of a machine (Venus); the idea of something bigger sparked my attention, but it has been very, very hard taking a break from the quantity (and quality - don't get me wrong: there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with what I'm used to!) but the sacrifices made in learning how to do this is worth every frustrating moment. While some report getting off right away, I'm fairly sure that any one of them will tell you that they've found more and better with exploration of the process. So you can't get it right away. You're probably expecting the same kind of sensations you normally get. BOY! Is it different? It'll be hard for you, probably; but I would recommend some cold-turkey type of withdrawal from your current pattern of sexuality. Also, learn how to utterly relax. Also, I find that once a series of little contractions start, I try to relax EVEN MORE, making less and less contribution to the Aneros movement. At that point it sort seems to get a life of its own! At that point resisting the urge to clamp down becomes a game you want to win. The longer I hold out, EVEN AFTER THE ORGASM STARTS, the bigger it is. Finally, every one of us can give you our experience but it is sort of like someone reading a road map to you while you drive; you'll get to where you're going but you might make a few wrong turns and it would be a LOT better if it was possible to just pull over and read the map for yourself. But you can't.
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    I hate to ask this silly question, but here i go

    My Boy friend and I received our new toy. But it came with No instructions! I am not sure what way is the right way to slide it in. It looks to me that is a top handle, :)
    Does it matter "how you put it in"?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,095

    The proper way to insert the Aneros is with the looped handle facing backwards towards the spine and the abutment tab (the hockey stick shape part) facing his perineum (the area between his scrotum and anus). Yes, I know there are no operating instructions that come with the device, but you will find a wealth of information on this site, in the manufacturers instructions, and in particular in this forum where individual users have discussed their experiences.

    I strongly suggest that you read two of my posts to start with. The first one can be found on PAGE 2 (click the page 2 button on the bottom of the main forum page), it's entitled "I WANT MY BOYFRIEND TO HAVE THE BEST ORGASM EVER" , the thread author is PONYGIRL. Again look for my post to this thread, I gave a good overview (as I see it) for a first time "couples" experience.

    Secondly, on this page (page the top) I have a thread that I created called "KEY TO THE BACKDOOR TO ECSTASY", which is more directed to solo search for the "non-ejaculatory orgasm" or Super Orgasm (as I call it).

    If you have any other questions ...let me know.

    Lastly, I just want to applaud your initiative in posting to the forum yourself. It such a positive affirmation to see a woman who are cares enough about her partners pleasure to do a little research in order to optimize a sensual experience.


    B Mayfield

    P.S. Let us know how things go for you! I believe it would be quite informative to get a female perspective on the Aneros experience. From my interpretation in reading the forum (over the last year), the majority of postings are from heterosexual males, many of whom use the Aneros with their partners (as I do). So I'm certain that everyone would find your input inspirational!
  • Kyra,
    A newbie here also. I have only used mine once. Not much effect
    with no genital contact. The one wonderful thing was how sensitive it made
    my cock when my wife gave me oral. Wow.... She likes to stop just before I cum and have me cum inside her. It was obvious to her and me that I was feeling more than usual.

    let me know how it is going for you guys.