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  • First of all, I just placed my order for this great sounding product. Secondly, I want to thank everyone for their input. The important messages I have gained is having patience, and more patience! Also, the formal instructions, and the each individuals "hints" I know will also be helpful and have been very stimuating as well.

    I am a heathcare professional, and consider myself familiar with human anatomy, but the forum as been a great learning experience as well. I do have a couple of questions. Is too much of good thing too much? Does anyone know if massaging the prostate to often or any length of time could harm us? I know massage for medical reasons is recommeded, but found it hard to come across recommendation ir guidlines. Does anyone actually try and sleep with the device in place? Sounds erotic to me, but does it interupt the sleep too much? Last question: I have a friend who has also ordered the Aneros: He suggests we "practice" together. I am straight, and he is gay. I have known him for many years, and never has an issue with his choices. Has anyone "practiced" with other individuals?

    Now, I also have a couple of suggesions: In researching the product and info on the prostate, I ran across a great site that talks about dry orgasms, and the benefits it has. The site is It's a great site about the ancient practice. The other is a product that I have tried. This is not a sell job buy the way. It is a plant/tree root powder that I tried about 6 weeks ago. Supposedly, there are some semi-research studies going on about its ability to raise testosterone. I think it's great. I am so looking forward to using the Aneros, but this stuff really worked for me. It did the following:Greatly increased my libido; lots of sexual thoughts, and fantasy stuff going through my mind.
    Had to change to boxer shorts since I was walking around semi hard most of the day sometimes! It gives me better control when I'm going solo. I can bring myself to climax, and then back off many times. I think this will also help me with the Aneros. Lots of pre-cum prostate fluid. I know this does not seem to be problem with the device, but I like the salty taste as well. The actual orgasm when it happens is different as well. I usually spurt 6/7 times, and it is a more hard spasm ttype climax. This can only be described as more smooth and very pleasurable. There is a site also that you can look up and read a few descriptions if you are interested.

    Well, enough babbling for now. Thanks to everyone again, and I will let you know what "cums next."