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Noob and cant figure it out.
  • AcistAcist
    Posts: 4
    This is my second day of using this and i havnt had any results. I dont know what im doin wrong. Im not sure if i am even doin it right? How long does it normally take. I tried following all the directions but nothing seems to work? any advice is much appreciated.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    I strongly recommend (if you haven' t already) that you read through the forum. In particular check out my initial post "A Key to The Backdoor.." this may give you an overview of the process. In a nutshell, to access the Aneros' greatest potential involves, unlearning some techniques (those life-long techniques that we've learned for reaching an orgasm) and learning new ones. This process takes time, PATIENCE, openess and focus. (Impatience, can greatly disrupt the process!) I suggested that people reduce expectation for a period of time and adjust oneself to seeing the process as a sensory/sensual journey. On this journey you simply enjoy everything that comes your way, while gently encouraging your body in a different direction!

    The Aneros can used out of the box as an enhancer to a traditional penile orgasm as well. I encourage anybody who is new to it to explore this first. Doing this familiarizes you with anal play (if you're not already), and enables you to establish some comfort level with the device before you verge into new territory. (For more specific information on using the Aneros out of the box, check out the post I made to PONYGIRL elsewhere in this forum.)

    Above all DO NOT be discouraged! The higher level orgasm or Super O as I call it, IS NOT an immediate pleasure for most (it took me 9 months to achieve consistent, "on demand" results. Some get this quicker. I'm hoping to help people reduce that time it takes to get to this place. Be patient, it's worth it,... big time!

    B Mayfield
  • AcistAcist
    Posts: 4
    I ready through all the posts, the web instructions and it seems like it gives me an idea of what exactly what i am supposed to be doin,But its still not happinen. How long are you supposed to 1 contraction for in able to get results. And how long does it take to get an orgasm in the method. Its not that i am not fimiliar with anal play but all this makes me feel like im starting all over again. 4th day and im still having dificulties. Any help from anyone on there methods or ways is much appreciated.