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special orgasms without the aneros
  • dllmndllmn
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    I practice semen retention and it is one of the most difficult things I've ever done. I feel the most powerful tugging raging fired in my prostate gland. I'm not gay. I do not want to be attracted to men or think about another man's penis, but I have no problems with enjoying the sensations that can come from my prostate gland. Its just the other end of my penis's tip, the end that is inside of me and closer to my spine, and accessable through my anus.
    I have had sensations practicing semen retention that I would not have normally felt if I was ejaculating every now & then. I will describe them and I want to know if those who have mastered use with the Aneros have had similar sensations and maybe you can help me understand what I am going through.
    At times I had let my sexual fires just build on its own, without the use of fantasy, but just feel the sexual potensy burn in my prostate. If I clench my anal muscles and just hold them tight, eventually my penis automatically starts contracting every minute or every few minutes. Eventually I usually get a hard-on and if I let continue for about 30 minutes to a few hours it starts to feel very pleasant. Note that during this time I am not touching anything whatsoever. Just feeling internal energies. When the feelings get extremely pleasant I have an amazing orgasm and my penis releases so much cum it feels like I'm taking a piss, only that instead of pee, its a long stream of cum. This feels really great to do, but my goal is semen retention and doing this is obviously not retaining the semen.
    I'd like to be able to experiance the internal orgasms where no semen is released. It would be nice if I did not have to release semen to get to the point where I can achieve this type of orgasms. I would prefer to not have to touch myself or fantasize or watch porn, but to have a clear/pure mind focussed on God. I'm not sure if what I'm looking for is even possible, but I want to "have sex with God". I hope I do not go to hell for saying that! *joking* I do not understand sexuality and religion/spirituality and how they go together, but I understand that most spiritual paths require abstinance, and purity of heart, and encourage passions of craving and loving God, and discourage passions and sexually desiring women outside of marriage and lusting things other than one's wife. Maybe it is just so that no sexual act can be considered lawful unless performed between 2 lawfully wedded people, but is communing with God with all the glands, all the chakras opened and directed towards Him, is that necissarily a sexual act in itself? or is it a totality act which includes all aspects of the self including sexual aspects? Or is it that the sexual part of the self is truly supposed to be completely unfeeling until marriage? That the energies of the sex-chakra are to be raised and sublimated and to feed the 3rd-eye & crown to create ojas for enlightenment and the sexual center is not to be used for praising and glorifying God directly, but its energies are to be directed towards the higher centers only, and then enjoyed when the wife gives an appropriate outlet for enjoyment.
    This is quite confusing. I am probably trying to rationalize a way for me to enjoy sexual feelings when I should be completely not enjoying anything about them until I marry. Yet the fires burn & burn & burn so deeply. It is so difficult to control, and I wonder if there is some way I can enjoy this burning, without lusting, without fantasizing about the beautiful girl who sits next to me in history class, without touching myself to please myself, without desiring anything but God. So, these super-orgasms you have with the Aneros.. does it feel like a divine thing? Is it easier to achieve if you do not focus on lust or porn or women? Is it better when you think about God? Am I working towards a super-orgasms in some way? Or am I on a different path.. like an orgasms of the soul, that is not really requiring anything to do with the anus or the sexual chakras at all? I know I am touching/connecting with some of the readers now. You feel that divine feeling.. dont you? yes. Follow it, there's more. That connection is the one Way, the source, the goal. Keep it. There's much more.
  • Edit
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    I understand your concerns. The Aneros does involve physical stimulation but does not require the accompanying thoughts of sex or any fantasies. I think it can be serinely spiritual. If you look through the forum, there is a post about someones spiritual experience using the Aneros. I tend to think of the experience as more like a (natural) pleasure producing drug, than a sexual experience.

    Think of it this way: Sometimes you have the urge to scratch your nose for no apparent reason. This might feel good, but is not asociated with any fantasies or even sex. Prostate massage can make you feel much, much better, still without any sexual fantasies.

  • I think you are on a path to an asylum.