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First-time impressions
  • JayJay
    Posts: 2
    I bought an Aneros last week, but just got the chance
    to use it this evening. Some things I noticed:

    It was easier than I expected to insert the Aneros. I
    first used a baby syringe full of K-Y after loosening up
    my anus with some Astroglide. After liberally coating
    with K-Y any part of the Aneros that might get inserted,
    I eased it in. I really hadn't had much anal play since
    a VERY anal girlfriend 20+ years ago (my wife won't even
    consider anything anal -- her loss!), but the Aneros
    slid in with little trouble in just a couple of minutes.
    I used the "on your side with your knees pulled up"
    position described elsewhere in the forum. Even at the
    Aneros' thickest part, it was no more difficult or
    uncomfortable than a doctor's rectal exam.

    I did several minutes of breathing exercises, and I
    quickly got used to the Aneros. The only uncomfortable
    part was the one that pressed against my perineum.

    After several minutes of breathing, I tried a small
    voluntary contraction. To my surprise, I found that it
    went into a large involuntary contraction -- I had to
    check to make sure I hadn't pulled the Aneros all the
    way in (note: that's not possible, but it felt that
    way). The big involuntary contraction happened again
    a couple of times; it wasn't a problem, but it was
    distracting. In hindsight, it might have been better
    to do more warmup breathing; I don't know if that might
    have made a difference.

    I found that rolling onto my back and thrusting my
    hips was very comfortable, and probably the most
    pleasurable for me.

    I initially noticed the pulse sensation reported by
    others, but this faded after about 15 minutes. After
    that, I noticed some very small involuntary "echo"
    contractions after small voluntary ones. It felt to
    me like a swing; a well-timed nudge led to another
    swing of the contractions. I felt like I could build
    on that, but it didn't go anywhere (I might have been
    paying too much attention to the swings). Throughout
    this time, I (surprisingly) didn't have an erection.

    Unfortunately, I had a time constraint and couldn't
    go as long as I wanted to. A couple of hours later,
    I still have some residual fullness, probably from
    some left over lube.

    Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Some feelings
    were new; some I remembered from previous anal play.
    I'm looking forward to trying it again to see what