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Impressed with B Mayfield
  • I would just like to say thank you to B Mayfield...He answered my post and took the time to explain the process even thou I have not received the unit....upon looking @ posts ....I see where he has greatly helped us without anything to gain and for me who hasn't even started... it's comforting to know that someone would share their experiences with a great degree of caring and knowledge......I've read the posts which he suggested and I for One am grateful for his insight as well as a voice to share our knowledge and experiences without feeling bad or think in any way shape or form that this is wrong.....It's a journey and I can't wait......Thank You B Mayfeild for your kind insight..

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    Thanks so much for the feedback. Like you my wife is also somewhat limited when it comes to anal play. It's a drag,... but that's where the Aneros comes in for me! With it, I am able to have intense experiences on my own or in combination with her, and she doesn't even have to lift a finger (or insert one either)! She's becomes a direct beneficiary also when it comes to having intercourse me (with the Aneros inserted). I just go wild! The whole experience has been so profound for me, I've just wanted to share it with as many people as possible. As I have lamented previously, I have far TOO FEW people in my life that are open to this kind of experience, so the forum has been the next best thing for me.

    What I'm hoping for, is to be able to fascilitate the process of crossing-over to this Super Orgasmic level for those who are new to the Aneros and for those who have had trouble realizing its full potential. If I am at all successful in this, I will feel rewarded. Curiosity is also a motivation for me here too, as I am coming to the conclusion that there may well be certain factors regarding the use of the Aneros that are a constant from one person to the next. Perhaps not...time will tell. As I become more experienced with the unit, things are becoming clearer to me with respect to how it functions and how to use it more effectively. I will continue articulating these things as they occur to me.

    In the meantime, you've got some wonderful new sensations that await you! Post and keep us updated.

    B Mayfield