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quivering question
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,302

    I have a question for those of you who are succeeding.

    I am getting a lot of good feelings. Today I was able to get my butt muscles and thighs to quiver, and that directed good sensations to my prostate. But, I have not yet gotten my anal spincter or PC muscles to quiver.

    I have improved my ability to enjoy the aneros recently by doing the contraction exercises as well as quick contractions once or twice a day, without the aneros, to develop my strength. (I find the SLOW contraction is pretty hard and is an important part to using the aneros).

    My question is: for those of you have the quivering down, can you do it without aneros? In other words, I am inclined to try to learn how to get my anus to quiver independent of using the aneros, so that i can do my training in small bits when I have some time. Do you think I should be able to learn to get my anus to quiver the way I can do so with other muscles in my body without having the aneros inside?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    Dear Darwin,
    First, please read my most recent thoughts “key to the backdoor” that I posted a day ago; it should give you an overview of the Aneros experience as I see it. More specifically, to answer your questions, I would have to say that I don’t believe that the exercises that manufacturer recommends or that I have discussed, are “exercises” in the usual sense of the word. The intent, as I understand it is not necessarily muscle building or about creating stamina in the anal musculature per se. On the contrary, the exercises are aimed at encouraging this anal quivering that you’ve heard tell about. The quivering of other muscle groups, thighs, glutes, etc. are good if they feel pleasant to you and increase your arousal, but ultimately it is the anal quivering (small autonomic spasms) that is your true goal. It is this “quivering” or twitching of your anus that will become the building blocks of the Super Orgasm. When they occur you’ll know it, and they feel great too, even if you can’t manage to make it to the Super O.

    The one thing that seems to encourage the twitching for me is holding small contractions for longer periods of time. Less seems to more in this case. While holding such contractions I try to focus on my breathing and the sensation of fullness in my prostate. Remember this is a “mind body thing”. To answer your second question about making you anus quiver without the Aneros. The answer is yes. Again, see my posting the other day for more info. That having been said, know this, it requires focus, practice and patience in its own right. See Jack Johnson’s for more information on this.

    It is my opinion that the process of creating a Super Orgasm is about becoming aware of and encouraging certain sensations that we already normally experience in our lives on a daily basis. Some of these sensations we have an awareness of, others we have learned to ignore. I am reminded of a time many years ago when I took a class on self- hypnosis. At one point someone had asked the instructor what it felt like to be hypnotized, to which she replied, “…you already know!” And went on to pose the question “ have you ever found yourself just staring at something for an extended period of time and had the thought after several moments of staring that it was oh so very relaxing to just stare?” (Almost everyone said yes). To which she said, “then you have all experienced the hypnotic state.” So is the case with many of the sensations that you will use to build a Super Orgasm, you may have realized that they were there, but not been aware of how they can be focused for a purpose.

    The “journey” is therefore the process of tuning in to these sensations and learning how to use them in concert with one another to build to a crescendo! Again, I know that anal quivering is possible without the Aneros; I do it regularly as a prelude to using the Aneros!

    B Mayfield

    P.S. I should make this distinction, although many of the sensations that get you there are familiar, or are rediscovered, the Super Orgasm ITSELF is unlike anything that I had ever experienced or had any awareness of before. YES IT IS THAT GOOD!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,302
    Thanks for your answer.

    When you say you hold smaller contractions for longer periods, how long do you mean? How many minutes?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    In my own case, once I start the process, it seems that my anus is always in some stage of contraction. It is not difficult to hold on to a VERY SMALL contractions for long periods of time 15- 20 minutes or more. More specifically, I'm talking about a contraction that is just slightly above non-contracted. Try to keep this kind of contraction always ongoing and use it as a platform from which to go to the medium contraction. But always come back to this "base" contraction. The tendency in all of this seems to be to think about large contractions all of the time. In fact, I rarely consciously make large contractions when I'm in pursuit on the Big O., although on occasions when I finally do go over the top and I'm in the midst of the orgasm itself, my anus may make larger contractions on its own!

    Remember to mentally focus on your prostate and any good feelings that occur deep inside of you (in your abdomen and rectum). Think of these areas as source of the pleasure waves and once one occurs, either on its own or from a short anal contraction, try another short
    (1 to 3 second) contraction, to see if you can encourage another wave. Experiment. Again, think of the swing, you're trying to build waves on top of one another. IMPORTANT, even though I've used the analogy of a swing, the timing of your contractions will not necessarily be regular even timing at all. Work with it and find your own pacing. Once you discover these building waves they will eventually lead you to the "anal quivering" and from there you're almost at the finish line!

    Your asking the right kinds of questions, and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for, just keep at it!

    Good Luck

    b mayfield