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Cum one, cum all.
  • First, thanks to B Mayfield for your information. I just finished reading your comments. Second, I finished my 3rd encounter with my new Aneros before reading your comments and I have to tell you ALL about it. I have laid off the Aneros for 2 days since my bleeding episode. B Mayfield you were correct. Guys, don't manipulate the Aneros in and out of your anus, YOU'LL BE SORRY.
    Yesterday, I spent over an hour reading all the forum comments as well as an email response from Aneros Support. Thanks Patrick for the information. I decided to follow the directions for use TO THE LETTER. Hey Guys, read the directions and stick to them, THEY WORK. Today I started with a cleansing enema after my normal morning bowel movement. I decided yesterday that the next time I use the Aneros to just perform the deep breathing and anal contractions without expecting to achieve any response. NO GOALS WERE SET. Boy am I glad. Today, after about 20 minutes of anal contractions, my PC muscles took over as if they had a mind of their own. I found that you must experiment with the level of less than maximum contractions to find what level works to achieve the spontaneous automatic anal contractions. I had 4 or 5 tidal-waves of dry orgasms with no pre-cum or ejaculation. I lost count as I was up in the stratosphere headed for space. These sensations were different than anything I have ever experienced but were not as intense as my best penile orgasms. They were definitely wonderful though. I then finished with masturbating my penis using some ID Glide. Interestingly I was only semi-hard but when I felt the orgasm building I could definitely feel the Aneros massaging my prostate and the peroneal stimulator was really pressing in on my perineum. The orgasm was pretty good but I think my poor PC muscles were fatigued as I've had better. I believe that practice makes perfect and with continued use and strengthening of my PC muscles these experiences will only intensity. Makes me wonder if I will survive a really great session as I am really drained right now, no pun intended.
    I'll keep you all posted from time to time with my progress and again REMEMBER, READ THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. You'll be GLAD you did. And don't try to force anything to happen, let it happen on its own.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Dear Self Stim,
    One other thing that is crucial to the BIG O is proper placement of the perineal stimulator. As you experience automatic anal contractions or twitching you should start to get an erection. At this point make sure that the perineal stimulator is positioned correctly. Again, this should be in the center of your perineum. You will notice that when you have an good erection that this area swells and becomes firm. It is at this point that nerve plexus can be most easily stimulated. When you're on the right spot you should feel tingling that runs inside your penis (almost urethral is how it seems to me) from just under the tip down through the perineum through your anus to your prostate. The sensation is almost simultaneous in all places. Try to keep the stimulator in this "sweet spot" as it is critical to achieving the Super Orgasm. Sometimes this is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes I just keep one of my hands in the area as a guide, being careful not to press on the stimulator with my hand, again just let the Aneros do the work! LET IT HAVE A LIFE OF ITS OWN.

    At this point however, judging from what you've posted so might want to give yourself some rest before your next session. Truly, sometimes it helps giving yourself a couple of days to build-up again.

    It sounds like you're getting much closer though, keep up the good work!

    P.S. When the Super Orgasm will know it, and it WILL be more intense than anything you've ever experienced!

  • Originally Posted By: b mayfield

    Again thanks to B Mayfield and Aneros Support. Good advice for everyone. I was planning to hold off use of the Aneros for the next day or two anyway to let the batteries recharge. Can't wait for the next session though. Until then.... Happy Trails to all.