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somewhat frustrated
  • Darmin...We might be able to help if you describe the problem you're having.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    Hey guys-

    I've had the aneros for about two months, and I am getting a bit frustrated. I haven't been able to climb the arousal curve many of you are describing.

    My main question to those of you who are having sucess is:

    Does your intense arousal after the exercises depend on arousal during the exercises?

    In particular, how aroused do you get during the exercises:
    1. do you produce a lot of pre-cum?
    2. when you hold the contraction, are you holding onto a pleasure?
    3. if the exercises are arousing, is it the pressure or the stroking or both that produces it?

    Another question I have is: do you get a stroking action during the exercises? If so, can you estimate what the length of the stroke is, ie, how far the aneros travels in the canal?