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Anxiously waiting!
  • sstumpsstump
    Posts: 7
    Well I've read just about everything I can find on the Aneros and talke to the wife and placed an order. I wanted to rush it she said she didn't want to pay the extra money. Oh I wait a little longer. However after years of wondering why I couldn't stimulate the prostate like I've heard of people doing in the past, I hope this does it for me.

    However...I do have one question. I had a vasectomy (severed the vas deference between the prostate and the testicles) done a few years ago. I was wondering if there have been any reports of different results or lack there of, by other individuals that have had this procedure.

    I'll be testing the Aneros out immediately when I receive it. So I'll post my results as I learn to use it.
  • sstumpsstump
    Posts: 7
    Well I ordered the Aneros Sunday and got it in the mail on Tuesday (now that's fast).

    Well I tried it last night and after about an hour I was having no luck, and it was still a little uncofortable, even though there was a great deal of precum spewing for the entire time (even when I was flacid). But I figured I'd make the best of the situation. So I ask my wife if she wanted to suck me at the same time as I contracted. Well she can take it all the way in and so she did at a steady pace. Well she noticed that I was breathing heavy so she sped up and we got out of sink and I lost it. So we took a break and tried again as I continued to contract through the break. Well she started out slow this time and I did deep contractions, then I started to breath heavy and asked her to speed up and I did too. Then I started to quiver uncontrollably...I told her to speed-up again as I did very short and quick contractions, then lost total control of my body and had what I think was a full body orgasm without ejaculating (my legs and hands were trembling insanely), I'm not sure if it was an anal orgasm or prostate orgasm though. I had to have her stop cause I couldn't soon as she did I continued to quiver for about 5 minutes without even trying to contract or penile stimulation. It was an incredible experience like nothing I've ever had before. We laid there until I caught my breath, then I got a little light headed and continued to lay there, occassionally have light spurts of more orgasms which made me tremble uncontrollably for about a minute. Then I removed the Aneros, cleaned it and stored it in a safe place. I will try it again tonight!!

    Judging by the fact that the instructions say interacting with the penis at this time could cause premature ejaculation and I found it impossible to cum in my wifes mouth, I don't think this is an issue for me. With that in mind it appears as though the experience with the Aneros will be different for everyone. I'll repost in a week or so to show my progress with the Aneros. I look forward to telling everyone about it.

    I will say this...after my wife watched me reach that orgasm she said this "used to women had the full body orgasm locked that's gone."
  • sstumpsstump
    Posts: 7 quick post on what I've learned. I'm riding a nonstop wave right now.

    Do the excercises as it describes...20-30 deep contractions, 6 to 8 seconds at a time and breathing through them.

    Then do about 100 1/2 contractions and stop and relax...

    You will feel like you have to go pee...stay relaxed and just wait...

    Then the first wave comes...whoooo

    I get wave after wave until my cock is rock hard and steadily streaming precum....

    I'll let it go for about 10 minutes then I'll do another set of contractions and it seems to pick up where I left off on the last wave.

    I'm learning more and more everyday.

    More to "cum" I'm sure

    Starting another big wave...gonna go lay down and enjoy.
  • Edit
    Posts: 0
    Hey sstump-

    Glad to hear you're having such success. I am stalled out, so I thought I would ask a couple of questions:

    1. can you describe what it feels like when you are doing the exercises? Does it feel ok, good, very good, etc?

    2. do you secrete pre-cum during the exercises? How much, and after how many?

    3. when an exercise feels good, is it the pressing of the prostate that feels good, or the stroking, or both?

    4. in other words, I am trying to figure out if serious arousal during the exercises is a pre-requisite for awesome arousal during the half-contraction phase, because I haven't gotten to the point yet where the exercises are consistently arousing.

    5. when you hold the half contractions, does each one feel actively arousing? In other words, are you locking down on a contraction that feels really good?