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Should you keep the area outside of the anus dry/ free of lube?
  • Hi,

    I was wondering whether you should try to keep the area outside of the anus dry and free of lube (quite hard to do) to get better grip on the p-tab, or whether its better to cover everywhere in lube so the aneros has completely free movement and not worry about it.
    I think maybe its less important to keep it dry with the progasm compared to the mgx, as the mgx tends to slip to the sides of the p-spot more due to the flat tab, whereas the progasm has a rounded tab which stays in the same place most of the time.
    I prefer the feeling of having everywhere lubed up and free to move, but I also notice more pressure on the p-spot when its dry.

    Any thoughts? what have you found has worked best?
  • Edit
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    Definitely yes!
    I try the best I can to dry the perineum area after the insertion of the aneros, especially with my helix and eupho because otherwise they tend to slip and not stay where they should (I don't have the mgx but the P tab has the same shape so I guess it should be the same). Your aneros really needs to stay on your P spot to get self massaging on your prostate.
    I think the more I feel the aneros press on my P spot the closer to Super O I am.
  • BadgerBadger
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    How about when using the Peridise?
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hello scubdiv, :)

    I've never experimented with lubing the P-tab area. I don't think there is any harm in doing so. If it works for you, all the better.

  • Welcome to the forum, scubdiv, lots of great stuff here, and plenty of opinions, that's for sure.

    Personally, I like everything lubed up good down there :-) I have never had the feeling that the "p-spot" has ever added to my enjoyment of any of my Aneros' over the years. In fact, I never use my MGX because even with modification, it doesn't "fit" me well and pushes too hard on the perineum to the point of discomfort.

    So, for me, the ptab is just there to keep the Aneros from going where the sun don't shine.

    I get far more pleasure massaging my perineum during non-aneros sessions, however, so it's not like the area is non-responsive. It's just that I don't feel that a p-tab or its pressure is all that important. I know others feel the same. All my enjoyment of my Aneros is generated by its contact with my prostate.

    So, to answer your question, I guess it depends entirely on the user. Personally, I like it slippery. Others, like our previous poster, prefer it dry. Go with whatever gives you the best vibes.

    Good luck.

  • rookrook
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    An occasional reposition of a p-tab is just part of the experience. Make it profitable. Combined it with some sensous stim action -- hamstring stroke, testicle tickle..... use your own imagination.

    Lube leakage is a concern for me only during missionary position sex.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    The P-tab was designed as an anchor and a pivot point for the massager.   It was also intended to deliver perineal stimulation simultaneous with anal and prostate stimulation.   While there are some users who have never derived much sensation from the tab, others (such as myself) most definitely have.   The P-spot (the area where the pudendal nerve comes close to the skin's surface), is not all that large, so keeping your perineum dry is desirable if you hope to obtain stimulation from the tab.   Nonetheless,  there is still some lateral and vertical movement which requires some occasional repositioning, as Rook stated, so be prepared for that.    As others have said, both methods are valid ways to use the Aneros, but if you enjoy perineal stimulation again I recommend keeping your perineum dry.


    BF Mayfield