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How Many Types of Orgasm have you experienced?
  • View Poll Results: How Many Types of Orgasm have you experienced? Voters: 23

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    Penis 22 95.65%

    Anal 15 65.22%

    Prostate 19 82.61%

    Breast/Nipple 8 34.78%

    Mouth 2 8.70%

    Blended 10 43.48%

    Fantasy 3 13.04%

    Zone 5 21.74%

    Other (explain below!) 0 0%

  • Saw this interesting video on YouTube about the Types of Orgasms Women and Men can have.  This Sex Educator says 10 for women and 8 for men!  Also two main ways Orgasms are triggered.  She types for what triggers or is the focus not whether having one or many like some other videos I watch afterwards.    It really got me thinking...

    Of course I was big time dedicated to Penis O's, but have branched out to Prostate, Nipple, Fantasy (Aneroless), and Blended.  I'm on the fence if I've had Anal.  Love full feeling of Progasm and have used many objects for backdoor pleasure, but did I cum just from my ass?  Blended Prostate/Anal I think. 

    How about you guys? Vote for ass many as you've Cum!!
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 724
    In a word : many.
  • Just anal and penis for me. Anal feels awesome though.
  • It has been shown by sexologists and medical doctors that a guy's testicles are intimately involved in the male orgasmic cycle. This is certainly true when I masturbate, and even true when I slip on a jock and cup and feel sweet sexual satisfaction! But most of all, this very fact has been correlated in recent months when I have Aneros sessions. My prostate has become a dynamo of sexual energy which spreads not only to my penis, anal tract and musculature, but also my testicles, and certainly beyond throughout my body and even my entire male conscious!

    So the category, testicles and scrotum, should have been added to this survey.
  • Does anyone else find that there seems to be MANY different prostate centered orgasms alone?  I feel like I am surprised by new ones almost every session.  Like a "sub category"!