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Apathetics and Obsessives Alike - Lets talk Integration...
  • If you're one of the few brave readers who don't mind taking my lengthy posts on your lunch break or the crapper, its not hard to guess how I've integrated this... This little piece of heaven into my life. Having high energy with little sleep, though contrary to nature and logic, I'm able to ride mostly late evenings and early mornings.

    Generally an hour each, sometimes more, never less really. I'll go through phases where I either ride with or without often during the week, then break for a bit here and there, usually when my frenemy plateau is around the corner. (I realize he's necessary in my journey but I just don't appreciate his mug when he shows up at my doorstep needing a couch to sleep on... And by doorstep I mean asshole.)

    So with my jourrney on an upswing currently and having read a bunch of posts here and back on the wiki, let alone resones to my other threads, its clear we really are a bunch of very diverse men and few women who have taken to this life change for one reason or other. With that said, how have y'all ingreated this piece of bliss into your lives? When where and how long do you ride? How many, if any, know about this in your life? Has this creeped into other area of your lives, say sexually? And or has it interfered with that aspect of your love lives and affected other areas?

    Really just curious to how this has changed, if at all, the lives of those who have come at this with a shrug (the few of you I imagine that exist), or have incorporated this into your daily lives.
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 170
    Told wifey about it and she responded with 'meh, whatever floats yer boat'. I can honestly say that the only aspect of our sex lives it has improved is that it has made me more attentive to her arousal.
    As for frequency, I am in the less-is-more club, one ride a week on average. Making sure my body is gagging for it ensures off the scale orgasms every time. I do sneak an A-less session or two in-between rides, I find by mixing it up one helps the other. I'm waiting for my new Tempo to arrive, hopefully this will put another string in the bow.
    BTW... Welcome back, I've missed your ramblings of late.
  • @Bunk - Yeah, thinkin of increasing my arsenal to aid me in exploring these less strange and less new worlds. But yes, I've read that many men have become better \ more attentive lovers because of this. Now tell me this, do you find that your sessions are consistent? (Going by the token of whatever you consider to be high \ successful.)

    And thank you, I think:} (I'd like to think I'm the front seat passenger in the clown car of aneros play continually asking the driver where we're going, why we're going there, and if my way is better or just crap... Or a similar analogy with sexier clowns.)
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 170
    Yes, they are pretty consistent. I tend to stick to the same routine though. Maybe change it up when Tempo arrives.
    As for the other question in your OP, nobody I know, other than wifey knows. I could never raise this with other blokes. I think it' a bit too.... (Insert word here). Their loss though.
  • @HopefulMMOer
    Most of my sessions take place in the sleeper of my truck. I have A-less sometimes when I'm driving (mind you I don't drive with anything up my bum).I've never had a dud session. I've gone for up to two months without having an Aneros session. Sometimes I may have 3-4 sessions in a week. Other times I may have one session a month. I always have Super Os without anything being inserted in my bum. I don't have my Aneros sessions at any particular time. My Os are massively consistent! The A-less sessions occur of their own volition. My A-less are consistent, and just as good as an Aneros session.

    I've never used any KSMO, hypnotic suggestion music, or any other external aids. I just use my mind. The mind is all. I don't have any special relaxation techniques. During an Aneros session, I just insert and wait. I have a Progasm Classic, Maximus Classic, Eupho Classic, Progasm Jr, and a Tempo. These days I prefer the Maximus Classic and the Tempo. As I find them to be extremely subtle. I'm not particular about lube. I either use Aloecadabra or castor oil.

    My GF knows of my Prostatic exploits. She's genuinely interested in it, which is good! I have two other friends that know of my prostate play. I've been using Aneros for 9 months, and I had a Super O my very first session. My re-wiring has caused me to squirt consistently (even A-less), and I have four different types of HFWO. My erections are also firmer. I have learned to strike a balance between my prostate and my penis. I don't prefer prostate orgasms over testicular orgasms, or testicular orgasms to prostate orgasms. They are both good, I just balance them both out. My re-wiring has given me a greater appreciation of my penis.

    @HopefulMMOer this a wonderful thread. Best of luck in your journey.

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @HopefulMMOer - As one of the long term grinders here, I've found that I have the best success if I do a daily practice of Aneros sessions and strive for that schedule. My body/mind seems to need it to remember the sensations and keep my prostate awakened and sensitive. But inevitably, life gets in the way and the daily practice ends and I have a week or two of no sessions. Lately Aneros sessions rarely go over thirty minutes, almost never over an hour. Quite a contrast in the very early days where I was spending multiple hours in bed with it, even though nothing great was had out of it. I guess I have a much clearer picture now of when my arousal has fled.

    I'm at the point now in my life as an older male that my libido doesn't seem to be what it used to be. And I really have to make an effort everyday for Aneros time, otherwise it doesn't get done. It reminds me of married or long term couples having to put effort into having a great sex life. Well, it seems I have to do this for my solo masturbatory time too. Weird. I never thought I'd feel this way. Since most of my life sexual urges and arousal have been such an integrated part of my life.

    Ex-girlfriends know about my Aneros usage, as does the odd friend or two that is sufficiently sex positive and trust worthy. It hasn't interfered with any other part of my sex life. Assuming I had any at the moment. But it has changed my focus. Such that future women in my life need to be ok with giving me anal play and pegging for some of our sex time together. Aneros is what got me interested in pegging and is something I really want a future partner to do with me in addition to regular PIV sex.
  • Hopeful, another interesting topic. For me nothing happens in isolation. Aneros is mixed in with with a change in antidepressants, a cascade of pent up emotions, a second coming out, a renewed interest in energy work, dating men and divorce. They are all discrete experiences but interconnected. They all are happening within the past year. Each one influences the others. I've been changing along the way but still have some of the same blocks. 

    Aneros riding has made me feel younger. I'm more aware of my sexual arousal. It's become part of my daily life for the first time. I've experienced extremes of sexual pleasure and don't know if there's more for the first time. I can have aless orgasms often when I want to feel them or unbidden. All this gives me a sense of well-being and confidence. I'm more grounded than ever. 

    That being said, I'm still me with the old hang ups and problems. I've started to work on them though.

    I've talked to a couple of friends about aneros including my ride buddy of course. As I've changed, I started noticing my attraction to other people, their sexiness, their physicalness. It's easier to talk about sexual things. I'm getting over my shyness.

    Perhaps the biggest change is in my imagination. I can fantasize in creative writing or live with other men. I love to share my fantasies with men in texting and hear their fantasies. All this is new for me. 

    Not to mention the benefits of meditative mind training, with the aneros and without. I have more control of my attention, more awareness of my body, more appreciation of my senses and of beauty, and of course of pleasure. I've had glimpses of stopping all thought at times.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    I ride multiple times daily, a storm of p~waves. Have tried to tell a friend but was stopped by odd coincidences, eventually abandoned the endeavour for another time. Tempo is my preference lately.
  • @Bunk - Yeah, I wish consistency was more consistent with me and the like. And it's funny, I mean I probably could bring this up to the guys in my life without any issues, but the one's who wouldn't think it was gay still wouldn't do it because its, you know, gay to stick something up your ass. And yes, big time loss all around.

    I don’t know, maybe its that we’re putting something up our asses that brings up pleasure, that scares the ‘straights’ so to say. Though I’m on the right politically and ideologically, libertarian if anything these days as our government left or right is nothing but a complete embarrassment on all levels, what stopped me from this journey was my OCD, not fear of being gay.

    @Pspotsquirter - Wow, yeah, you're definitely not on a schedule but tend to have big success either way. Awesome for obvious reasons!

    As for using your mind, yeah, I’m learning that fantasy AND relaxation goes a big way in my sessions as well. Not that I don’t have an imagination, hell, I’m thinking of self publishing some erotica related stories, but I just never relied on it. So are your friends guys that know about your play?

    So it definitely sounds like this has gone along way in improving many aspects of your sex life and health, namely the squirting which I envy big time! And yeah, I just found myself examining my journey over the last year and how its impacted different areas of my life and was curious to how the brotherhood has adapted.

    @Love_is – Yep, pretty much here too, though I’m not long term yet. Started with many hours ‘behind the wheel’ and less so now. And it’s funny that you try to have a daily schedule with this, as I’ll go through phases of the same but always have the wiki here in the back of my head warning me not to over do it. Now the caveat is we’re all different and some guys can ride three times a day for life and have no issues, I’m guessing though few are like that.

    @euphemistic – So pretty much, life is kicking your ass here and there, for various reasons, and the aneros can only join you in the journey with its impact either amplified or stifled depending on said kicking. You really have to wonder where we’d be if either things were A; things were perfect in your life, or B; more realistically, not perfect but with less things going wrong or negative.

    By and large though I’d say this has integrated into your life nicely by not taking over or being ignored either. The benefits are really innumerable, though again, at least for a lot of us its just tough to bring this up and tell others how it has helped big time. So I definitely have some ‘open’ envy, in that you get to actually talk in person about this journey. And meditative training I imagine goes FAR with this, as I’m STILL trying to start Yoga!

    @Trei – Wow, great Trei, obviously your body and mind is as such that you’re able to do that… Now I take it you don’t have many plateau’s then?
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    I don't have any orgasms though i have in the past using my twilight half-sleep method. For the past couple months though i cannot enter that state again no matter how hard i try. The p~waves seem to be without plateau, varying wildly in strength, duration, and location. I like to toy and play around with them.
  • @HopefulMMOer,
    My friends that know of my prostate play are female. The few male friends I have do not know.
  • Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    I have found the Aneros Wiki and Directions for Aneros Use helpful in steering me between Aneros Apatheticism and Aneros Obsessiveness. Likewise this Forum has helped me a great deal in maintaining this equilibrium. The Aneros has helped me to get in touch with my body like never before, especially since I am a confirmed bachelor.

    But also listening to my body when I have my sessions enables me to have sessions most of which are good. Aneros integration however happens when I am in Aless outside of my sessions. Aless for me is like an awesome, yet powerful liquor, which I enjoy savoring.

  • After a slow start, nearly one and a half years, my whole world changed sexually after my first Super O. I have to admit that I was like a kid with a new bike, I couldn't leave it alone. I became a little obsessed with my Progasm and then I bought a Eupho, my god I thought I had died on gone to heaven. The novelty of becoming a multi orgasmic man has not grown old but I have stopped robbing my sleep and putting things off just for the sake of ridding.

    I now get in one or two sessions a week with a few morning A-less O's if I have the time. Each session for me is pretty much the same, I start A-less to get my self aroused and when I cant stand it any longer I put my Eupho in. After about 45 min I take a break and either get back to A-less or put my Progasm in, then I finish off with my Eupho and masturbate to a finishing climax.

    At this stage of my journey I have been adding a lot of cock play in the last half of my sessions, always careful to save my orgasm to last. I always thought that when I ejaculated it would be over, I was so wrong. I pulled the plug on so many sessions by taking out my Aneros but one night I was so spent after a great session,  I left it in and I could not believe the Super O's that followed.

    I am single and I have told one girl friend and a couple of gay friends about the Aneros. I think the Aneros has made me a more caring sexual partner. I sometimes ponder whether this Aneros Journey is for ever expanding like our universe.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,179
    right now i have a love/hate relationship with my aneros.  Its consistently pleasureable feelings with incredibly inconsistent orgasms.  All of this is due to the fact that I am very hard to relax and calm down.  I suspect this problem affects many of us as relating to consistency.  I try for 2-3 sessions a week sometimes less depending on work and now the kids are in football so that takes away alone time too.  I told my wife a few months ago, she seemed interested in it at first but said she didnt want to participate at all.  As someone else said "whatever floats your boat" was mostly her response.  I dont think she fully undestands at this point, maybe in the future she will become more interested.  I havent told anyone I know about this nor will I.  The sort I tend to be friends are much to judgemental and would just say its gay or something along that line.  I feel bad cause they are really missing out, but you know the old saying, you can take a horse to water but you cant make him drink.  I feel you need to find this on your own to really want it and invest yourself in it.  So love it or hate, I'm in this for life  :D
  • @BigGlansDC – Yeah, I would agree that this is one of you best successes with the A is being able to go Aless so often and easily, throughout the day to boot!

    @brucemarkland – Yep, though I’m still guilty of forgoing enough sleep for a ride, ironic because being rested is better, I understand what you’re saying about falling for all this in a big way. Now very interesting, like you I generally end wet for one reason or the other. So you’re saying that you ended a great session wet, but left it in and found sometime later a great O? How much longer after you ended wet did this happen and does it happen often?

    @ineverknew – So yeah, you either hacked my computer or brain with this one I’m guessing!:} My clever way of saying you’re pretty much describing what I’ve been through. Great sessions when they’re great, but also inconsistent as well. And yeah I would think your wife would eventually want to engage you more regarding this whole topic. And yeah man, life indeed! (And like so many, shame they turn away from this for whatever reason.)
  • Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    I believe that continuous Aless outside of Aneros sessions comes as part of the territory as you work more and more with the Aneros. Aless is none other than the buzz of continuous P-waves, more so, vibrant sexual energy, perhaps a Super-O or even MMO's thrown in. For me, it is either covert Aless often a dull roar in the background or overt Aless which you can tap into at will, or even magnify, if you wish. Aless to me is sexual sweetness engendered of my Aneros sessions.

  • @BigGlansDC - Sounds wonderful man! Yeah I'd say I can do that but it has to be purposeful, which is fine, and usually starts with a RK and gets nicer from there... Gotta watch though as the precum actually starts to show on my pants and I never go commando!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,179
    @HopefulMMOer, I hacked your brain that one night when you forgot to put your tin hat back on LOL.  To be honest I havent really explained how the wife could be a part of my aneros sessions or what they are like, so to her I think she just sees it as some type of masturbation.  We have been dabbling in male chastity lately and that gets her much more excited.  So I'll stick with that for now and maybe try to integrate her into my sessions later after I can educate her more.
  • @ineverknew - Haha, wouldn't be the first time I left it near those damn fillings the gov puts in my mouth when I'm asleep! But wow, that's too funny, that she sees it as just another version of going wet when it's anything but! And yeah, I can only imagine that as long as you're open and honest about it then that should help things move along. I mean you read about the guys here incorporating it into actual love making, so I'm curious to say the least.