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No Prostate
  • 11 years ago, I had a radical prostatectomy - non-nerve sparing - I was wondering if any one might have heard of men using Aneros for stimulation and if so, which unit was their preference.

    I have been using an anal massager and it helps when I use a cup vibrator on my penis to climax (dry climax).

    Anyone with suggestions, I would appreciate hearing from you.

    Thanks for your reply(s).
  • Sorry to hear of your condition. Even without a prostate, the nerves are still there in the anal region so perhaps the Peridise or Tempo would work better to produce peristaltic contractions. For some users, that alone can lead to a form of SO.
  • rumelrumel
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    I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your prostate. I have not heard of any men using Aneros devices after radical prostatectomy. Since you no longer have the veil of nerves which surround the prostate the normal Aneros massagers may not provide much additional stimulation, so concentrating on the rich supply of nerve endings around the anus may be most effective. In addition to the Peridise & Tempo models as suggested by @timmymao, you might want to consider (if cost is not a major concern) the 'VICE' model which includes the battery powered "MUZE" vibration module. That model will provide extra stimulation to not only the anus itself but the neural plexus in the perineum area and the Kundalini acupressure spot just anterior to the anus, additionally, there are 9 possible vibration settings to provide more variety.
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  • Thank you - I'll order the VICE and give it a try - climbing the walls, if you know what I mean.

  • rookrook
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    Much of the work on alternative paths to orgasm and ejaculation by the Veterans Administration Hospitals and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation have focused on spinal cord injury.  I imagine that you have researched those paths.  (e.g.... 
    < >  However, they might be worth a read just as a review of the basics.

    Most of the V.A. work I've seen is aimed at production and harvesting of semen & sperm to support IVF.  The V.A. has published design data for their form of electro-stim along with the circuitry. I have no clue how that might compare with commercial estim  and where that might take you satisfaction wise.

    Most of the members of this forum employ one or more alternative stim paths to complement or focus prostate massage.  Those stim points include ear lobes, nipples, lips and sometimes extremities.  On a recent camping trip I grew a beard and was amazed at how much more sensitive my lips had become to gentle stimulation.

    One of the members in this Forum, @Wuertschen, has attained Super-Os from nipple stimulation and, at one time he moderated a nipple stim group on Yahoo.

    Whether you could achieve a level of satisfaction using one or a synchronized combination of alternate stim points might be worth another look.

    Here's one I'd not seen before. < >  Surprisingly it does not employ a rectal probe.

    And a spinal stimulator intended to reduce pain:  < >

    Several years ago one of our Canadian members, @Artform, mentioned some Canadian academic research that related to orgasm.  (iirc it was Orgasmatron without the fantasy and hype.   You might P.M. him and see if he recalls that work.

    all the best to you and please stay in touch with us.

  • hulahula
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    great answers, Rook and Rumel. 
  • Love_isLove_is
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    @rook - Thanks for posting that for @TruckinT. It reminded me that I have another post I did that might apply.