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Session Success for Vets and Neophytes Alike...
  • Curious about something for those that have been doing this for a while and those for a short time. I'm going to attempt to create a poll with this post as I'd like to learn the success \ fail rate for the members here.

    EDIT: So yeah, the poll didn't work out so well, but since this is already on the board I'll elaborate here... As I personally experience more lows as opposed to highs, it can be frustrating to say the least. I'd say I go through phases where I'm more successful and phases where I can't get much going.

    So for the purposes of this post, success is defined as experiencing any low medium or high FBO's, SO's, DO's, P-waves, pleasurable tingling \ quivering \ shuddering, and or O energy. A dud would be the opposite, where either nothing happens or a very mild version of the options above.

    Now I just checked my stone and the above definitions are hardly set in it, so pipe up if you think they need amending. But the point is I'd like to learn about the success \ fail rate with those that have been doing this a while and those that have not. (Kinda repeated myself there.)
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 733
    I rarely have full orgasms (and rarely session) but i have "P-waves, pleasurable tingling \ quivering \ shuddering, and or O energy" on a daily basis and multiple times a day.

    That said I consider orgasms not to be isolated events at the peak of pleasure but phenomenons started from almost zero sensation and naturally ramping up if you let it. The climax is merely the tip of the iceberg to me. So I'd call the sensations I always get some kind of orgasms, of the "unresolved" kind, and mild ones too (because i think even some stellar orgasms can be unresolved).

    All in all, even if labels are maybe useless to one's journey, science would greatly benefit of even many more labels. All these orgasms are related and probably can't fully be separated but they are also so varied and can be so different (with different set of rules and all) putting them all in the orgasm basket just makes no sense and inevitably leads to huge misconceptions and wrong advices.
  • @Canacan - Would it be correct to say that you go through low level Aless feelings then? Or just all around have and are able to amplify O energy during the day? If yes I'm thinkin that's similar to what I can do when I Reverse Kegel and feel O energy immediately, whether at home or driving... Same thing if something turns me on, and I have to watch because at one point I precum so much that it goes through my underwear to my pants or shorts. (Ahh first world problems...)

    And yeah, that's what I'm thinking. Where noobs may have trouble following a defined path with concrete definitions that are hardly that, the O's we experience are so diverse that at least for OCD addled individuals like myself who just love categories, well, it helps to say the least.
  • A "dud" for me usually involves falling into a deep peaceful sleep. That is usually the "worse" that happens. I don't have a flash bang every session, but I set myself up for success and not for failure, so disappointment does not get in the way of the many subtle, but pleasurable feelings I get... It is really a different mindset...
  • In a simple-minded way, I prefer to take every little, or big, sensation, and appreciate it for what it is!

    I very much understand why those new to the experience might prefer labels, because they're still looking to establish a frame of reference!

    However, I feel, IMHO, that this simple attitude and frame of mind, has given me more incredible sessions than not so good! Yes, many more!

    To think otherwise, IMHO, has the potential to setup "unintended" expectations!

    The less we let any form of expectations creep into our minds, the better the journey becomes over the long term!

    Sorry if I messed up your survey!

  • @MostInteresting1 - Yeah, I always go by the token that even if nothing happens that one, its probably better than a TO and two, its still aiding in rewiring.

    @Theme_Gasm - Nah man, that's why I posted this. Please don't think that's what my underlying point is, that when it's not the 'flash bang' that @MostInteresting1 session then I think it's a failure. It's just that having gotten so 'high' within my sessions, that the opposite tends to be a let down. Again that isn't to say I don't think it's better than a TO and that it doesn't aid in the whole process, and I'll also add that obviously not every session is going to be a headboard pounding one. But having had a good amount of highs as I've at least labeled them, and then a bigger amount of duds, well I'm curious is all if other member's can relate and if so, how.

    And TRUST me, I knew from the beginning to have absolutely no expectations! That's why I'm so shocked and consider my prostate one of my favorite parts because I did get to where I am today.
  • I can relate, I guess I just choose to at least try and frame them in a positive way! My prostate has become a good friend indeed! I can't imagine not having this experience for the rest of my days! It's just phenomenal in so many ways!

  • Just adding my two cents........I never have a dud session anymore. That being said, some are obviously still better than others. For me, it is all related to my level of rest...Not as good when I'm tired. I can't stress this enough for guys just getting started. It is difficult to find time during the day, but those sessions are always better than the late evening or middle of the night.

    So just trying to answer your question.....Always good sessions BUT, I have about an 80% chance of a super O mid day and only a 10%-20% chance at night.
  • Hopeful, I voted in your poll before you put a question in. :-))

    I always enjoy your topics because of your playful style and interesting topics. I've been thinking about what makes the difference between my sessions, why they have plateaued, and what to do about it. I've even gone back to the wikis again. They are usually all calm seas sessions at best, with or without aneros inside. That's wonderful but... I can't help but wonder what else is possible. I don't have consistent powerful involuntaries so I wonder if they are necessarily for the more powerful orgasms? I picture my prostate being massaged into a frenzy by my involuntary contractions and the pleasure feeding on itself. I also wonder if sexual hangups play a part in limiting my experiences. That being said, I'm having a nice calm orgasm now as I write without aneros. I wonder if I'm missing the obvious.
  • @Theme_Gasm - Yeah, framing it that way is the best way to go really... And I was good at that at first, keeping things in perspective, but when I hit the highs anything else seems a dud... Even though yes, I can't imagine even not having duds anymore!

    @G-Force -  See, you give me pause, and then hope. For a variety of reasons, though I'm high energy and hyper, I also tend to be tired as I don't get adequate sleep. And where I've had fantastic rides tired, I wonder what it'll be like if I was actually rested! And very interesting as well, just goes to show how different each man is.

    @euphemistic - Haha, I was tempted to do so myself! (And thanks for the compliment, you should see me at parties!) And yep yes and and how! Even plateaus are great, but what could you are missing at the same time? Now to answer your one question, I'd say involuntaries aren't as important, as honestly I really don't have a lot of activity in that regard, but still get the full alphabet soup of O energy. And sure, sexual issues minor or major impact success, but like anything else relaxation is sooooo key with this. And trust me euph, I ask myself that ALLLLLL the time!
  • I tried yesterday, during a session, to figure out how to answer your question more accurately and expand on my reply.

    As well as rest.....We all know how important it is to listen to our bodies.  Right now I am having great success with two sessions per day, however, I realize that soon I will take a break for a few days when my body tells me so.

    Also, I have pondered the question regarding contractions for quite some time now.  I have tried to forget about it lately and just follow the different sensations.  I realize now that I have so many different types of orgasms, that it makes them difficult to describe to others.  There are so many different paths to go down.  For example.....Two nights ago I had contractions so strong that it felt like my Aneros was literally slamming into me!  So I went with it and had some different O's than usual.  Yesterday afternoon, It seemed like the previous session helped me reach a full hour of "calm seas" O's.  After the hour, it was like my body couldn't take anymore and the heavy contractions started which resulted in another half hour of unique O's. 

    One last thing for now....I think it is very important to focus on Aless sessions if possible.  Especially for newer users,  I think the feelings we get Aless are the ones to focus on during a session with Aneros.  I guess one feeds off the other, but I now realize as my Aless sessions get better, that these are the feelings I try to follow.  So many new users keep asking what to look for, and for anyone to describe what they should be feeling....It's those subtle feelings that have been there almost our entire lives and they are there almost anytime you want them! 

    Sorry this might sound a bit all over the place, but that's what this crazy journey does to me! :)
  • Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    Since I have been working with Aneros since early June 2012, I have found success to be relative. Success for me comes when I can have fun and pleasure in my Aneros sessions. I gave up a while ago achieving Aneros success in achieving my first Super-O. That I find elusive and frustrating.

    But now success with Aneros comes when I have pleasurable sessions. But most of all, I come away from most success with sweet Aless which I savor for hours afterwards. I very seldom now have sessions that are absolute duds.