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Comfort vs Effectiveness
  • Hi all,

    I am new here and don't yet own an Aneros. I'm male, about 5"11 and slightly built, or to put it less eloquently, skinny.

    I am going to buy an Aneros this week and have been reading a lot on the forum and guide to try and get an idea of which to go for. My question is this, when people say that the progasm classic is for more experienced users is that purely because of the size and difficulty of insertion (i.e. comfort) or is it much harder to work and derive pleasurable feelings from?

    I have used anal toys, butt plugs etc. before and have no qualms about the size of the progasm, and would naturally incline towards buying the largest toy because...well why not! I like feeling full! I don't want to buy something that is hard to use though, the other options I am considering are the Helix Syn and Progasm Junior. Any advice?

    I anticipate that I'm going to be told to buy more than one model but don't want to at this point before I have any idea if I'll enjoy it.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you might give...
  • AneRicoAneRico
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  • HeizenHeizen
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    Ditto on the Helix syn. I also own a Vice and it doesn't get much use. I enjoy the movement of the smaller units. Helix and Tempo get most of the playtime. :D
  • Thanks so much for the comprehensive reply, very useful!

    I think I will go for the Helix Syn, it sounds like the most sensible buy, I really have no idea what it is going to be like so I'll just follow the advice! I'm in the UK though so not sure that amazon trick will work...

    Anyway, excited!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @analinquisitive - That's said only in the context of being anally experienced because of it's size. For an anal play newbie that would be very challenging and frustrating to get. Since you have anal play experience, and particularly since you like feeling full, I have no qualms about recommending the Progasm for you. As I'm much the same way. I like the full feeling. The Helix Syn will not make you feel full. Plus the the P and K-tabs on the Progasm are very comfortable.
  • Do you find that the Progasm is difficult to position particularly as the first person to reply suggested?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @analinquisitive - It is tricky to get in place properly. But don't let that stop you. I had a few mishaps early on with it, but you soon figure it out.
  • I went for the Helix Syn in the end in the hope that it would be easier to use.

    I've had two sessions with it and enjoyed them so far.  I've had quite a lot of pre-cum, an urge to urinate and fairly pleasurable sensations.  My one issue is that I've found that the toy has fallen out a few times once I have started stronger contractions - is that normal or a sign that I am contracting too quickly and forcefully?
  • Also the position I find effective, if not most comfortable is either on my knees or standing, the feelings are stronger than if I lie on my back or on my side...

    Any other advice for me?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @analinquisitive - If the toy is falling out, it is because you are pushing it out. When you feel yourself doing that, relax all your anal and rectal muscles even more. Ultimately you have to use what position works best for you, and that may change over time, but I can't for the life of me imagine having to do an Aneros session standing up or on my knees. I would not be able to relax as thoroughly as laying on my back with my knees up and legs somewhat apart. I recommend that you selectively read through the Aneros wiki. There is a lot of good information there. Read the information that applies to what you want to know.
  • rookrook
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    @analinquisitive - I endorse AneRico's suggestion to choose one to learn on.. even if you buy two.  @Love_is has been here for more years than I.  I know that this sounds counter-intuitive but he is most correct that relaxation is key to just retaining the tool as well as being able to maneuver it effectively. 
    When it comes to movement, think millimeters, not inches.

    So, a start with Helix-syn for several months while Progasm waits in the wings might be a good way to go.

    You might checkout LoveHoney in the U.K. they used to offer a very comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.