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Progress; changing things up
  • So after owning my Helix for ONLY 5 months (sarcasm) I'm starting to learn how to use it properly, and making progress on my journey.
    Originally i would prep, lube up, get porn going, insert and lie on my bed and relax. Then after a while play with my nipples which I discovered gave me immediate intense pleasure. Now this felt great but a little ...forced, artificial maybe? It just didn't feel like what others had described here and to me it just didn't feel right. Id never had a dry-o, mini-o and obviously not a super-o.

    So after 5 months of this I said "OK fuck it lets change this whole thing up".
    First thing I did was turn off the porn. While it may heighten my excitement I felt that I had become reliant on it to arouse me.
    Second thing I did was try lying on my side. I had done this before but it was hard to watch the TV from my side, and lying on my back always felt better.
    Third thing I did was not touch my nipples. Touching my nipples felt great but it always seemed to detract from the sensations in my prostate. Forth thing I did was relax. Now that last part I had always done but I was relaxing my BODY and not the anal muscles. I thought they were relaxed but as it turns out for me, relaxing those muscles feels like I'm pushing outward. Even now I reflexively tense up, if I move at all or even during breathing. It takes quite an effort to keep relaxed.
    I also haven't fapped for about 3 weeks trying to heighten my arousal

    All these things combined, culminated in the true Aneros experience.
    First session I felt new and different sensations. Some powerful, some subtle. One thing I noticed was that the Helix seemed to move on its own which had never really happened before.
    Second session was the same but better. I had the feeling of cum, pre-cum, prostatic fluid (something) building up somewhere inside me, that if the right muscle gave way would flood out my dick. I don't know if that's what was happening (I barely leak any pre-cum ever) or if it was just a feeling, a very nice feeling.
    Third session (latest) I decided to try lying on my back again. This time however I stuck a pillow under my ass so the Helix wasn't stuck against anything and was free to move around. During my prep I knew it was going to be a good session. I could already feel my prostate getting excited for lack of a better term. After insertion and relaxation, I immediately began to feel the Helix move by itself. Nearing the end of my session, I decided to see what would happen if I implemented my old routine elements (porn/nipples) There was an immediate effect, and that feeling I talked about earlier of fluid or something building up in me was way more intense and I think I actually had a dry orgasm this time.

    So Ive figured out how to properly use my device. Now I just need to find the right lube to go with it. Ive just been using water based lube because its so easy, but it dries out in about 10mins, which prevents me from building my pleasure to anything significant. I am convinced once I find the right lube (one that I don't have to reapply for about an hour) I will be able to make further progress on my Aneros journey.

    From looking around on this forum, unrefined Shae butter seems to be most peoples favorite. Ive even dug up instruction posts from you guys. So now the only thing left is to get some. I do have a couple of questions though.

    Ive always found that if I can resist masturbating after a session, I don't feel horny for the next couple of days. Which is one of the reasons I haven't fapped for 3 weeks. Do you guys find that a Aneros session sates you?

    The feeling I get of fluid building up, and a muscle needing to fail before its released. (This is usually accompanied by a few light flutters, randomly after the session which feel great) The only thing ive ever felt similar to this was a wet dream, Ive only ever had one though so this may not be accurate. Is this actually happening or just a feeling?

    Holy shit I did not intend to write this much lol.
  • All very good points and prostate orgasms do sate me!