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Which model
  • Hi all i am just wondering because i am not getting much pleasure or movement from my MGX what is the next best model to move on to, has any one changed from the MGX to another model and been sucessful. Only been going about three months i spend a lot of time in sessions about 90 minutes at a time ,  may be a couple of times a week or more if privacy is available, with not much in return. I do all the relaxing and contractions. Any ideas please.
  • They all recommend the helix syn to start with. It's light, smooth and has a good shape. Do you have any problems with the MGX other than lack of progress? Discomfort, size, annoying p-tab? I hated the p-tab. What pleasure are you getting? Are you getting any involuntaries at all? It takes some guys like me longer to get results than others. And then the results may not be what you expected so keep an open mind and notice every pleasant sensation no matter how small. Best wishes.
  • Program Jr! I initially had more luck with it than the Helix Syn, which was my first model
  • Yes the tab is annoying and gets sore some times,  i am not getting any involuntaries and no discomfort only pleasure i have had was a couple of nice waves and the other week  a suprise erection in the middle of the session which went as fast as it came.
  • They tabs on the Syn and all progasm models are much more comfortable than the older models
  • They also say your perineum will got used to the tab but me, being impatient, sawed it off. :-)) I'm not recommending that. It took me months to get consistent pleasure waves with the eupho syn, my first device. You could also give the MGX some more time for your body to get used to it. Impatient I got the progasm jr. after a few months. Now I have most of them and other toys besides! Patience does pay off but so does exploring.
  • I was diving in for the 1st time and I got a HelixSyn & Maximus in the same package due to the high shipping cost to Australia (1 month ago)
    I love both of these, Helix give a wonderful sustained feeling, can "work it" and very difficult to cause soreness. The Max is more.. "full on" /constant immediately after inserting (at least for me). Like change up a gear.  But can get little sore if worked for a while, awesome feelings! 
    I switch them both in & out, love them.   When even I am certain "this is it" ready to hands free... This is the best, I'll swap in other and say the same.   :)  
    So if you can go 2, get these or if you just want to turn  up the heat...  The Max!
    Dont know what the Progazm is like bout to order my soon, maybe with a Paradise set.
  • Love_isLove_is
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    @SUNDREAMER  -  I think you'll find a whole range of opinions here about this. I'm not sure that anyone can necessarily tell you what model will work better for you. It's an experimental process. I started with the Helix Classic, then went to the MGX Classic, then bought the Progasm Classic. The Progasm Classic has mostly been my favorite model for many years now.
  • AneRicoAneRico
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