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Beginner/noobie just sharing.
  • AndyAndy
    Posts: 38
    Hello people, 

    I thought I`d just introduce myself and share my recent experiences. 
    As english isn`t my native language some questions arises, but I`ll get to them later.

    I`m Andy, 31 years, married and just started my journey.
    As some may understand, sharing these experiences aren`t that easy `cause it`s quite personal, but allthough that may be the case I`m about ready to explode with the "need to share".

    I`ve allways been the non-anal kind of guy, the same with my wife, but then I starting reading about the Aneros.
    At first I was sceptical, but then I started reading peoples experiences, and got too curious to not try it out for myself.
    And I must say, oh my, this does work. Offcourse most of you allready know this, but all of this is new to me so I guess I`m up for a fun journey.

    It`s just been four sessions, the first was just to get to know the Aneros (I allready got the classic white one, and the new black/red Syn), but the last three I`ve been feeling "it". Some waves of pleasure ranging from minor to yesterdays heart-pounding wave of extacy (while I was laying next to my sleeping wife, hah hah). I try to let the sessions last about two hours, but up until now they last at least 4. 
    Allready I`ve had one "over-nighter", because I fell asleep with the Aneros, so I guess you can say I`m comfortable with it.

    I start by taking a hot shower, and actually insert the Aneros at the end of the shower, this works for me atm. I also use Nikki Fatale or the HypnAerosession from cdbaby I read about on the forum, 
    since I don`t have the experience to get totaly relaxed (I think) on my own.

    The "need to share" as I was mentioning above comes from last nights heart-pounding feeling.
    It happened after about two and a half hour, a short time after I thought I should stop to get some sleep (work tomorrow etc...)
    It started of by an expanding pleasureable feeling starting from the center of my body, expanding to almost my whole body, my heart was pounding(!). Just as a comparison; I train on a regular basis, as a bouldrer/rock climber, and used to beeing tired and my heart beeing tired/pounding, but this was different. This was a good kind of pounding. I wanted more, so I was laying there thinking "Yes, I want to come... come on... come on...", because it felt as if there was more to come, that it was growing to an explosion, but then it subsided, it stopped slowly and the feeling went away. I guess I chased it away somehow, seeking it too hard, not relaxing and enjoying the moment(s).
    I felt good when this was over, but by Thor`s Wholy Hammer that was a good experience. (I`m Nordic, haha..)
    I didn`t think something like that was possible, it made a penile orgasm feel...almost pointless and booring, although not entirely so, as I do enjoy my wife immensely. 
    Speaking of my wife, she do know I have aquired a prostate massager, because I have mentioned it, I wasn`t too sure about her reaction to it, since I`ve allways been non-anal, but she was suprisingly open towards it ("if it can make you feel good, go for it") so I guess she knows what I`m up to when I go to bed 1 1/2 hour earlyer than normal, but she just kisses me good night and says nothing about it.
    I will, however, share these thoughts with her as well, because it`s to damn good not to do so. I just want her to know.

    Now, back to the questions that arises;
    Are there any suggestions as to how often one should have a session, I mean, can I have one too often?
    I had one yesterday and the day before, does that matter, or should I just feel what I want myself..?
    About contractions, could someone explain to me what kind of muscles are beeing used?

    Sorry about the long first post, I guess I had alot more on my mind than I first thought ;-)

    Looking forward to your responses.

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Hey, Andy.  Married also, but older than you and experienced with this.  Go patiently at it just relaxing and enjoying the new sensations you'll feel.  I'd suggest to a noobie starting with no more than about 3 sessions a week, not going more than about a half hour at the time unless you really start feeling some fun sensations and you'd like to go a bit longer.  Generally, if you're feeling nothing going on at about the half hour to hour time frame, you're not going to feel anything that session.

    Relax with it in about 10 minutes, then breathe slowly and deeply and gently hold PC muscle contractions, that is like you're pulling in with your bladder sphincter muscle like  to cut off urine flow, not pulling in with your anus.  Try also tickling your nipples while you do this.  With time you should feel some neat warm feelings inside and a little quivering of your anal muscles.  Over time you should be able to produce involuntary contractions inside that result in a prostate orgasm, but as I said, don't try to rush.  This takes weeks to months for some.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Andy -  In terms of session frequency you'll find that it varies with each person. For myself I need to do almost daily sessions to get anywhere with this. But I am a long term grinder at this of over seven years now. You can do them as often as you wish as long as you are not experiencing and pain or discomfort.

    It's quite likely you chased the orgasm away in your last session. This is a very common experience. When you get to that point again, try relaxing even more, particularly your anal sphincters while noticing the nice sensations but not obsessing on orgasming. Just enjoy them with no expectations. And make sure you continue to breath.
  • AndyAndy
    Posts: 38
    Thank you for your feedback, it`s much appreciated. :)

    @slimjm - I`ll keep that in mind, from the next time and try three times a week for a while, maybe include my wife in this some time, but that generelly means ending in normal intercourse, though :P

    @Love_is - Yea, I got to a "heat in the moment"-stage where it was so good and so intense I just wanted to peak it and explode  :)  I`ll try to relax next time, but still using PC-muscles, right?
    I get a bit confused with the muscledifferences. I`ll try to read some more in the wiki/forum though.

  • Just wait until you start involving your wife in the journey. You ain't seen nothing yet! Once she finds out she can give you multiple orgasm for hours on end, without even touching your penis she will not be able to keep her hands off you!

    I don't even need an Aneros inserted and my girlfriend figured out she could cause me to orgasm with just massaging my perineum. She will pleasure me until I scream uncle. Uncle is slang for I give up!

    We also explore anal play in other ways that is very erotic!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Andy - I opt to not flex any muscles. Basically the "relax, and do nothing" approach. I feel like even just flexing my PC muscles gives me the mentality of trying too hard and having expectations. But certainly experiment. Think of these suggestions as guidelines. From my reading over the years here, I've learned that not every guy learns how to super-O in the same way.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Involving your wife in this is just what you want to do, Andy.  Some ideas as to things you could do together would be to take a relaxing shower together and let her do whatever anal/rectal prep for cleansing and lubrication that you prefer, then letting her warm your Aneros with her own body heat in some sort of imaginative but hygienic way, play with your anus some to relax it and gently and slowly insert your Aneros, then roll you over on your back and tickle your nipples.  Of course you can be doing things she likes in between all this and then while relaxing and letting her tickle your nipples or other parts of your body that you'd enjoy--just NOT your penis--see what great feelings you experience and moan a bit and tell her naughty fun little things about what you're feeling inside and then when it's right for you both, go ahead with the foreplay and sex she'd like.  Don't worry about ending your sessions with traditional orgasm and ejaculation.  It does not delay or adversely affect your learning curve with how to have prostate or super- orgasms.

    This is a great way to change up the boredom that can accompany all of our married sex lives and something she can definitely participate in.  Though much is commented upon here from a solo training perspective, it's something couples can definitely enjoy together.