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  • TomgoodTomgood
    Posts: 4
    When people in here talk about involuntaries, what exactly are you talking about and how do you get them.?? Do u contract and hold to get them or do you "do nothing" to get them??
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 784
    Involuntary muscle contractions described in the Wiki Milestones List and in the description of "The Super O"! Amazingly pleasant when happening!

  • LongshanksLongshanks
    Posts: 124
    Tomgood said:

    When people in here talk about involuntaries, what exactly are you talking about and how do you get them.?? Do u contract and hold to get them or do you "do nothing" to get them??

    I get them both ways.  When I'm using the aneros, I get them after holding a mild contraction for a while, maybe 30 seconds.  When I'm getting them I just enjoy them, I don't try to do anything with them.


    When I'm getting echoes A-less, they just start.  If I don't want them to start, I have to fight very hard against the echoes such they leave me alone for a bit.   :))

  • The peridise and tempo models have really helped develope my involuntary muscles. I can get the involuntaries to start anywhere, anytime in a matter of seconds
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 572
    Very good question.  And it takes time and "practice" to get to the point where they'll occur.  And the practice isn't so much doing anything as it is "listening" to some of the subtle sensations that are trying to occur during a session and helping augment those sensations until an involuntary comes.

    Specifically, an involuntary is a contraction you don't bring on by any voluntary muscular activity but in which your rectum tightens around the Aneros sucking it inward into your prostate, usually--once you get good at this--accompanied by a prostate orgasm, where you feel like you're trying to ejaculate,sometimes very intensely, but nothing comes out, hence the description dry orgasm.

    It's like your rectum is doing something all on its own and outside of your voluntarily bringing it on, gripping and squeezing down on the Aneros, thus--due to the tapered neck of the Aneros--pulling it inward but at the same time almost giving you a feeling like your rectum almost wants to squeeze it out.  During this time the P-tab will push firmly, sometimes even uncomfortably, into your perineum.

    So how do you bring them on?  Mostly by relaxing after you've had your Aneros in a few minutes and then breathing slowly and deeply and, sometimes to help start them, gently pulling in with your urinary sphincter like you're cutting off your urine flow--not pulling in with your anal sphincter like holding back a bowel movement--all the while gently tickling your nipples.

    Until you get good at them, doing the above will generally at least bring on some warm feelings in the prostate region of your pelvis and some quivering wormy-like feelings in your anal sphincter muscle.  As you practice--and sometimes this takes weeks to months, you'll get to the point you'll notice your rectum wanting to pull in on the massager all by itself as the warm feeling inside builds to where you'll have a burning, intense orgasm that travels to the glans of your penis and feels really great.

    And even from there, you learn even better and better how to bring these feelings on and grow them to where the orgasms feel so good you can't stand it.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @Tomgood  -  We are talking involuntary anal contractions. Much like the ones that occur for both men and women when they orgasm, but occurring outside of that example. It took me a long time (many years) before I got them in my Aneros sessions. I'm not even sure what changed or what I did differently such that they started happening. But basically I do the "relax, and do nothing" approach.