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Wondering if I should modify the P-tab on my Helix?
  • First a little background: I bought the MGX model a few years ago, then a Helix, and finally a Progasm. Not much progress yet, except that at first the MGX was uncomfortable (the P-tab was too aggressive) and the Prograsm felt too big. Now the MGX feels good. I can definitely feel it massaging my prostate. (I had no idea what that would feel like until my doctor, in a prostate exam, gave it a stroke on the way out, saying "And that's your prostate!" Wow! So I think I do have the ability to 'wake up' down there.)

    I've never had any of the special feelings with any of the Aneroses, and because of that I started ending each session with masturbation. The Aneroses always improved the orgasm.

    But I realize that this is not the way to progress, so I am determined to separate masturbation from Aneros sessions. And I should probably use the MGX, because of the three that's the only one that I can feel making contact with my prostate.

    But here's my question: The P-tab on the Helix barely touches my perineum. The Progasm makes good contact, and the MGX REALLY stimulates it. (At first I was using cotton to cushion it, it was so aggressive. But now it feels good.)

    I understand that the P-tab both massages the perineum and provides a rocking point so the Aneros moves against the prostate effectively. If the P-tab makes minimal contact, do I need to change it? I have read about using a hot air gun to bend the arm. I don't have one, and it sounds as though that might ruin the thing anyway. I tried taping a dime to the P-tab, but couldn't get it to stick properly.

    Until I make better progress I'll stick with the MGX. But I'm curious if anyone else has noticed that difference between the MGX and the Helix. Does an Aneros work properly even when the P-tab hardly makes any contact at all?
  • AneRicoAneRico
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  • isvaraisvara
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    @Anthurium, hi and welcome. It is possible to alter the position of the P-tab on most Aneros models. The Helix is a different stem shape to the MGX. The MGX stem allows for it to be drawn in much further than the Helix. This is taken into account for the Helix. But is it worth changing a P-tab position? May be, but it is quite difficult and is fraught with problems. It is not just bending it there may also be an angle change to be considered. Also in the original shape the P-tab arm is quite thick if I remember.
    As @AneRico says, it might be better to put the Helix on hold for a while.
    Yes, it can only be safely repositioned with a hot air gun. The arm needs to be heated up to around 160C. To do this the arm may need to be thinned out so it looks more like a Helix SYN. All my Aneros models have been modified. I cannot seem to upload photos any more. I can give more info but I would not try to do it.
  • rookrook
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    I tend to agree with the above concept for sticking with any Aneros tool, unmodified, for a month or two.  You may find that as the musculature along your perineum and inside your anal canal changes you will accommodate the Helix much differently than you do now. 

    the easiest "mod" for a Helix is slipping a medicine-dropper bulb over the p-tab as mentioned in the Aneros Wiki:   <; >.   

    Depending on the bulb size you should gain about 1/4" (about 8-mm) of tab height.   Try several bulbs with a variety of  softness and texture before you reach for the heat gun.

    I used a dropper bulb on my Helix for nearly 6 months then shed the bulb.  Now I like the feel of the 'stock' Helix.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
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    I also agree about waiting to make modifications! I did, and later wished I hadn't after I was successful at obtaining the greatest orgasms of my life! It's not the end of the world if you do, but it's a bit expensive to make changes and later wish you hadn't! Happy Journey!

  • Thanks, guys. I'll stick with the MGX for now, and not alter the Helix.

    This is a great forum, really a community. Other people's successes make for VERY stimulating reading and, as a newcomer, they gave me high expectations. I think many people probably just give up, and you don't hear from them again.

    What encourages me is that the MGX feels pleasant now. Nothing more than that. At first the the P-tab was uncomfortable and I felt nothing in my prostate. So that's progress!

    So, from now on, I'll relax and enjoy the journey.

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
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    Great observation! Be patient with yourself! Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your Aneros journey!

  • kelperkelper
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    When the Helix Syn first came out I bought it as it was different. I also cut off the handle, which I now regret. So recently I bought a new Helix Syn. First one gave good feelings so no complaints there, just wanted to try one with the handle as I have now got more used to Aneros and more experienced. I have noticed though that the second one is slightly smaller than the first one. There is about 2 years between purchases. It does seem to be a bit more mobile than the first one and does give good feelings. But is this a NEW Helix Syn?
  • Does the handle make a difference in the way the MGX and original Helix work? For me, they just get in the way when I'm lying on my back. I trimmed them both back, to about a 5/8" stub.
  • My Helix is 2-3 years old, I think. I cut the handle down to a small stub because I felt that it interfered with the Helix moving when I lay on my back. The handle curves away from you, so I can't imagine that it changes the way it works.