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I bought the Tempo a couple of days ago. Having a good time
  • Thread title says it all, really. This thing is beautiful, like a piece of art. I like to just hold it and look at it. The polished steel feels great and really smooth to the touch

    I inserted the head, did a kegel, which pulled it in to where it wanted to be. The weight of it felt fantastic, and it started going in and out by itself. The motion was incredibly fluent, and followed the arc of the canal, putting very slight pressure on my prostate

    I ignored the sensations in the prostate, and focused on the nice "dreamy" and floating feelings produced in the anus opening. When I felt ready, I let the good feelings build up in my prostate as well. I didn't have any super-Os, but I did have two lovely mini-Os.

    Good times! Looking forward to spending more time with the Tempo. What are your experiences with the Tempo? Does anyone use it exclusively?
  • JaxsunJaxsun
    Posts: 132
    I love my tempo...and use it regularly between my PS New and MGX prostate massage sessions. It delivers wonderful anal pleasure and can build to several dry Os over a 2 hr session. It gives a slightly fuller feeling than my Peridise(16mm). Sometimes I get things started with Tempo and after 30 minutes switch to one of my prostate massagers if things are feeling really good.
  • Love the tempo/Peridise, the experience is much more euphoric than the other devices, can't explain it, just enjoy it!
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 171
    The only thing ever to go up my bum is a Helix, with spectacular effect I must add. But now I've gone and purchased a Tempo and can't wait to feel how different it is. I've read a lot of good things about it.
  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    I have the beginner's Peridise set and really find both do the trick. I know that it's written here that these smaller devices don't stimulate the prostate. Don't know what they are stimulating but the orgasms are every bit as good and often times better than with my helix.

    I'll have to look into a Tempo, it is beautiful to behold.
  • Hmm, I've been having some good sessions with the tempo, but it does seem to want to go so far in that the triangular base touches my hole. This feels good, though, and that's where I get the most movement. Is this safe? This is the position it eventually ends up in, unless I push when I feel it being pulled
  • @Pandabear yes it loves to burrow in hard.
    If you walk around with it in, you can use its weight to pull against. Its great for strengthening those muscles.
    Its so silky too, I have had may a super O from tempo.
    If you owen a TENs unit (Electro stim) you can wrap a pad around the tempo handle and the a pad at the top of your crack and the thing is awesome. The lowest of settings is needed and your body just pumps away with it. Or if you like it hard, jack the tens box up high and the tempo actually pumps violently like someone was fucking you.
    Great for a change and the electrics wake your prostate up big time!
    You can also pre heat or pre cool the tempo in warm or cold water for a different feel.
    I really wish they made a stainless steel Helix or Maximus. This together with electrics would blow your mind. It might have to be hollow though as it would weigh a lot and would be hard to move unless you use electrics to move it.

    Haha just some thoughts of fun you can have with Tempo.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I'll wear the Tempo when riding my lawn-mower; I can feel it vibrating from the engine and mower blades spinning. If I had better nerves, I think it would be mind-blowing, because it takes a couple of hours to complete mowing my lawn.

    Could someone try it and report back, please?