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New user, 1st time.. be patient?
  • Hi all, my 1st post.
    Just got my 1st Aneros weapon, decided on a HelixSyn, since shipping to Australia is horrendous, I decided to also add a Maximus to the package. Essentially halving the shipping cost for each.
    So.. be patient, it may take time, it is advised.  OK then, I'll willing to work with this as I'm willing to try almost anything, always searching for the next sexual turn-on. 

    Anyhow, OK, ready now, lubed up, "be patient".... "take it for what it is"...etc.
    I slide in the Helix and WOW ! holy @%#!
    It took about 3 to 5 seconds then it was like someone flicked on 240v down there.
    Was just stunned, couldn't move, then started trembling, legs 1st then sort of all over.
    Be Patient? I didn't get a change to be patient.  I got jumped on the 1st date.
    If this is the beginning (I thought) I'm in for one hell of a journey.  
    So this went on  for roughtly 30mins or so, nothing super but whoe so beautiful, then had subsided a bit.

    My intention was not to touch the Max until 2 or 3 months later, for experts they say.
    Couldn't help my self... took out the Helix and slide in the Max.

    BOOOOM !
    Now someone has thrown a 440v industrial switch to -[ON]-
    Here we go agaaaaaaaain. More intense now, more shuttering & shivering.  
    So.. I now see where I need the patience, waiting out the long hour or days till I can go again.

    Me, age 50.  Straight
    Was at 1st skeptical as I've fallen for so many useless sex toys /tools before.
    No a problem here though   :-c

    THANK YOU Aneros and all the awesome Yoda's here.  
    You are the grand supreme gate keeppers of Erotica-Nevada.
  • Nice Cyberdaze! Sometimes some guys can break the rules and get away with it. You're one of the lucky ones. There are no gate keepers here as you have found out. Feel free to explore and let us know how it's going. Don't forget the wikis though. They've got a lot of collective knowledge. Welcome.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 776
    A great big congratulations to you! You are in for lots of fun!

  • Thanks guys, really appreciate the positive comments
    I've had a few sessions since and your right, they are just getting better with each one little by little.
    But the pace and magnitude of each experience is more than I expected.
    In fact, I have a confession, I had my 1st session over a week ago now, just took me this long to finish this post & send it.
    Have been busy perfecting my routine and collecting the right equipment.
    And yes I've got much info for wiki's.
    Will keep you updated..
    Getting the 2 together, the HelixSyn & Maximus was a great choice.