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New Milestone, i have to share , it might help other
  • Hello everyone, been a long time,
    I've been using my helix a little more often now, and this afternoon session was not like the usual.
    i started on my side, leg bent, the other not bent, and all of the sudden, my helix started to move
    and i mean move, i taught someone was fucking me, the sensation kept building and building, 
    to a point where i was not on the edge, not orgasm, but it was something else, very very pleasurable
    it kept me there for a long time, maybe 4 min, then all stop, i caught my breath, look down, i was very
    hard and pre-cum was everywhere, large drip, hum, licked it.
    then i started to move change position, stand up, when into the kitchen, then it started again, but this time, 
    stronger, i had to grab the wall, my leg were shaking, went back into my room, lay on my bed , it stop

    when it started again, i started to jerk off and i have a very very nice orgasm

    next time, ill hold on longer, 

    for me to start the autofuck action, i just have to gently do a keggle, slowly raising the preasure, then 
    i reach a point where it start, i try to hold it there for as long as possible, all doing this very relax, just my
    ass is moving,
  • Congrads subby. Is this your first involuntaries? Maybe next time don't get up, but just relax and enjoy the sensations building.
  • yea first involuntaries, i stood up to change the position , cause it stop, when it start again i try
    to focus on how im at, and feel all, man, it was nice ! almost as good as a close edge but constant
    no up and down, just pure bliss !!!
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 139
    I remember how surprised I was the first time my Progasm did this to me ! What an awesome feeling ! You want more !
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author