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interesting idea
  • Hey guys so i had a brain storm of something interesting i was woundering if anyone has tried this. I was woundering what would happen and if its safe to use a penis pump during prostate play. Im not looking to iincrease size or anything just woundering if anyone has done something like this before
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @Domo_robot_O, you might want to search the "penis not thread".  I can save you some time though.  Basically you need to forget you have a penis during prostate massage sessions.  
  • techpumptechpump
    Posts: 248
    @Domo_robot_O I use an aneros with everything!  I do "no penis" "some penis" "full on penis" I do sitting positions, laying down, etc. I mix up dildos with aneros, back and forth some sessions, I manually stimulate my prostate with aneros, I have all kinds of sex with my wife with one (used the peridise last night during intercourse, it makes you so extremely hard huge and swollen, she loves it and I released a storm of cum all over her as a result) feel free to experiment because it feels good and is fun!

    Yes, I've used a pump and done penis exercises (PE) with aneros, the MGX mainly but also peridise and the progasm.  Standing with the aneros in is fun because gravity helps it fall out, only for your ass to suck it back in and ride the P spot.  During PE my cock jumps and the sensations make my pc muscles flex, which make the aneros contact my prostate, so the cycle works really well.  It also helps to keep my cock really full and swollen for the pump session.  I do 5-15 minute intervals in the pump followed with jelqing and PC flexing to keep circulation going (I never bruise this way).  Jelqing is similar to a lingam massage movement/stroke so I'm not going to cum, but when I get in the tube, the pressure is awesome and my prostate starts going crazy, the aneros really moves a lot! Lots of precum and prostate fluid ooze out into the tube, its a great feeling ;)  I have increased my size before I ever used a pump, just doing PE over the course of 2 years gave me an extra 1 3/4" in length and about 3/8"-1/2" in girth, I swear on it.  Now I just do it because it feels good and being so pumped and full is an amazing sensation.  Add aneros and you're going to be cumming like an animal!!!

    Have fun with it man, its worth every second, the aneros is worth using in every way possible
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176
    Great post techpump

    I take it that you are not a 100% adherant to the PENIS NOT philosophy as advanced on this site.

    What is your take personally (in addition to what you have written above) on the penis not theory.  Altho I have not reached the super O, I find my prostate sending out wonderful blissful feelings to my dick when I touch it in sessions.  Its like the touch amplifies the pleasure of the prostate into the area that I am touching.

    Final question.  How old are you bro?  You sound like a house on fire teenager.  Thanks for your answers.
  • Penis not is primarily when you are new and not fully rewired, it helps you to unhook your penis as your primary pleasure tool. Aneros makes me feel 30 years younger!
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    @techpump, just what is this Penis Exercises (PE) that you speak of? I would like to hear more of this.

    Details, man, details!
  • I have to second @Techpump on the Penis Pump, I bought a Bathmate, and after only 2 weeks of daily use, my girlfriend can already FEEL the difference in length and girth!  ;)
  • I use a penis pump 3-4 times a week, usually just 10 minute session in the morning but when I have time comine it with my aneors progasm. Pump for 0 minutes then jelqing and penis stroking for 10 back to another 10 minute pump and so on. Usually goes for an hour. Been pumping 5 years now, have to kickname of bigken at the gym not afraid to show off also have my progasm in the bag for curious eyes too
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Agree with the posts above, that once rewired, an eclectic mix of erotic play is the way to go.

    One of my Super-T faves is to insert my Vice with the vibe running, do a couple of cycles of penis pumping then slide on a Fleshlight (modified so that nothing in there is touching my swollen glans).

    Then I cycle Vice's vibe on and off to edge just short of PONR.   Finally just leave the vibe on and let it and my breathing take me into HFWO !
  • Wow! So many ways to feel good. How do you know when you're rewired? I'm definitely somewhat rewired because I have dry orgasms of some kind. If you haven't had a "super orgasm", are you not fully rewired?
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 805

    Wow! So many ways to feel good. How do you know when you're rewired? I'm definitely somewhat rewired because I have dry orgasms of some kind. If you haven't had a "super orgasm", are you not fully rewired?

    I've been told by several vets, that the body always is learning! I adopted that mindset to remain open to any new sensations and to keep the journey lively! As a result, I feel like my experience is worth a million $ to me! Yes, I've had many a Super O, but the experience is so much more, that I want to explore it as far as I can go!


  • If you can orgasm (non-ejaculation), by whatever definition you go by, without stimulating your penis, I would consider that rewired!