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The Magic of Aneros
  • For the past eleven years, I have given myself a weekly coffee enema.  It started out as a way to cleanse my G-I track of toxins, but evolved into something highly erotic.  I own a machine shop and I fashioned a 5" penis from a 1"-thick piece of nylon round stock, shaped it into what looks like a penis and fashioned a spigot on the base, to which I attach the hose from the enema bag.  My normal routine is to inject a quart of warm (105*F) black, caffeinated coffee into my rectum, hold it for about 40 minutes and expel it into the toilet.  The coffee does NOT have the same effect on your nerves as drinking a quart.

    I spend the first ten minutes on my left side and once the quart of warm coffee has drained from the enema bag into my rectum, I slide out the wand (plastic penis) and just lay there quietly.  After ten minutes has passed, I roll over onto my right side and spend the next thirty to forty minutes relaxing in that position.

    The urge to "expel" passes after about ten minutes, so the remaining time allows the coffee to swim around my gut, bathing the portal vein with caffeine, which causes my liver to dump its existing supply of bile into my bowel and make a fresh batch.  Today was pretty normal until about twenty minutes into things.

    I was lying on my right side, just relaxing, when I felt a small "stir" in my lower rectum, about the area of my prostate.  I just let it play out and before I knew it, I could feel my penis engorging and it began to 'bounce' with my heartbeat (remember, I'm lying on my side on the bathroom floor on a towel).  

    Anyway, the only reason I can give for this happening is that I have literally pounded my prostate with my new P-gasm for the past two weeks on a daily basis; sometimes nearly all day. The feeling gained by using my Aneros is like no other I've ever experienced and the fact that I've now introduced this into my life can be at least a contributing factor to this most-recent development if not THE reason for it.

    Whatever the reason, it was hot.  It was SO EROTIC, I can barely contain myself.  I'm looking forward with great enthusiasm to next week's coffee enema!
  • Do you take cream and sugar with your coffee enema?
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 959

    aneros_user108905, now that your prostate is awakened by the aneros massager, maybe it's more sensitive to the coffee? I don't know why coffee makes my bowels move in the morning, maybe an irritation? Whatever the cause, you expereinced a new personal milestone! What are you doing coffee enemas for? Detox?

    Pspotsquirter, I just got your cream with coffee reference. 

  • @ euphemistic:  Yes, detox.

  • @aneros_user108905
    It was only a joke. I've read about the health benefits of coffee enemas.
  • No offense taken.  Probably, about the only thing weirder than inducing overlapping dry orgasms with a toy in your fanny, is flooding the place with warm coffee; it's almost laughable.

  • Just don't use any Espresso, and you'll be fine. :))
  • Personally, I like the overlapping dry orgasms. :)>-
  • Personally, I like the overlapping dry orgasms. :)>-

    Well, don't we all?  It just seems peculiar to me that placing a little plastic toy in ones bottom, then doing a few kegel exercises can cause such a tremendously-satisfying experience.  

    Personally, I like the both, wet and dry.  Only trouble with the wet ones, besides the mess if I miss the cup,is the "Game Over" light flashes and all the quarters in the world won't get things turned on again; just gotta wait it out.

  • @aneros_user108905
    I agree with you, in regard to the wet orgasm and the dry orgasm. I love them both. There are different types of wet orgasms. Too many guys disdain the Wet O, after they start having Dry Os. This creates imbalance and other problems. IMO
  • I'm in the 65-year-old-can't-get-a-boner-easily crowd, so I just (somewhat accidentally) purchased a lifetime supply if Cialis.  The computer wouldn't "confirm" my order, so I wound up ordering three times.  Guess what?  All three took and now I have more Cialis than I could likely use in two lifetimes.

    Anyway, I intend using it a couple times a week to, as you put it, 'balance out' the orgasms.  I figure I'll try to ejaculate about twice a week.  If for no other reason, it keeps my prostate from feeling like a new tennis ball and hopefully, I'll be able to pee in less than 15 minutes!

    Gettin' old ain't for sissies!

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807

    Cool result man and congrats on countering the erectile impact of diabetes.  Hope you continue to profit from this "side effect" from your detoxing.

    Thirty years ago my doc reported my Total Cholesterol near 500 and put me on a daily oral dose of Questran Bile Resin and "suggested" a pair of Coffee Enemas once a week to boost the amount of bile the resin would capture.

    The combination of resin and coffee enemas did get my Cholesterol down under 300 in just three months and I was eventually placed on Niacin which has worked well for nearly 30 years.  Haven't taken a coffee enema since.

    The proscribed procedure was essentially what you are doing with a little less fluid but it was taken and held on the right side.  I lacked a large nozzle to help with retention so eventually found a butt plug which helped.  

    At the time I was doing this my prostate sense hadn't yet been "wired/activted" by massage. This thread has spiked my interest and I'm game to give this a try and gain from your years of experience.

    Several Questions:

    -- do you accomplish a cleansing enema before you take the coffee injection ?  If so, how large and what basic recipe. (plain water, salt buffered with soda, etc.) ?

    -- do you suggest any particular coffee ?  have you found value in one particular bean or roast that's specifically advertised for liver cleansing ?

    Thx in advance..   rook
  • @ Several Questions:

    First thing I do each and every morning is go to the gym.  I should explain that.  Most folks name their bathroom "John"; I call mine Jim.  At any rate, I usually have a bowel movement each morning upon rising, which 'voids' (no pun intended) the area of solid waste.  I do the coffee enema next.

    My enema bag holds two quarts (half a gallon).  I used to do the whole half gallon and retain it.  It was a mixture of about 6 cups of strongly-brewed black coffee and water added to make the volume.   I found it actually dried me out and I was craving liquids all day long, so I reduced the amount to just 4 to 6 cups of coffee.  I have a stainless steel water bottle for my bicycle, which I fill nearly full with water, then freeze.  I stir the freshly-brewed coffee with this to cool things down without diluting the coffee mixture.

    When the coffee is cooled to around 105* (I found warmer is better; cold coffee is rejected by your rectum and can make quite a nasty mess on the bathroom floor and walls when it explodes out your ass) I insert my "custom" enema wand and drain off about one cup into my left side. 

    Next, after the warm coffee has come to a quiet state (i.e. doesn't feel like it's going to try to escape) I roll to my right side (all this is atop a towel on the bathroom floor, mind you) I SLOWLY let the remaining amount of coffee slither into my colon.

    Now, I pinch off the enema tube, remove the wand slowly and carefully, then just lay there for about twenty to thirty minutes.  You can tell when it's time to get up, because any urge to purge has passed and hasn't returned for many minutes.

    Nonetheless, upon rising, I scamper to the toilet and sit down, just in case my colon is planning a surprise attack!

    As for coffee brand, I use my local store's "house brand" granulated coffee.  I brew it in a French Press and let it steep for approximately three minutes before decanting the liquid into a container, which I will use to cool it before the final transfer to my enema bag.

    Hint:  If you use the standard enema wand, the one that comes with the bag AND you push it just in the right place, you can cause your prostate to pump pre-cum into your penis.  It's fun once or twice, but the novelty wears off sooner or later.  I've been doing this weekly for eleven years, so it's been a fortnight since I've tried that one!

    I hope this flushes out any of your concerns (little joke).  
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    Thanks for the clarity in that explanation.  It helped remind me of some of the details I'd forgotten.  30 years has been a long time.
  • Well, today being enema day at my house, I proceeded as planned.  I did, however, cut down the amount of coffee grounds I brewed, from half a cup + to two rounded tablespoons.  I wanted to see if it made a difference and it did; it was a much more mellow session.

    At any rate, I no sooner got the "wand" in position, than I almost immediately sensed my prostate and sphincter muscles beginning a little dance or maybe game of tennis.  Nearly instant "tingling" at the base of my penis, behind my prostate inside my rectum.  Hard to describe.

    I did the first ten minutes on my left side, then flipped over to my right.  There was no prolonged waiting period, waiting for "things" to settle down before actively moving my entire body to its alternate side.  Usually, I have to be careful not to induce a peristalsis, but perhaps because of the weaker coffee solution, it didn't happen this way.

    So, now I"m on my right side and out of nowhere, I began to feel a dry orgasm starting up.  It was at first, just a tingling, but then it started getting warm and the fluttery feeling mounted.  I was thinking, the last thing I want is to have a full-body dry orgasm with a butt crammed full of coffee!

    Fortunately, it built to the point where, when masturbating, you feel you can't proceed or you'll ejaculate, then it subsided.  My rectum and prostate relaxed, but then almost immediately, it began building again.

    Perhaps it was the presence of my wand rubbing against my anus, rectum and prostate or maybe it was the coffee or maybe it was everything, but sure as I'm a foot tall, I was able to have several P-waves, each leading up to "the point of no return" feeling, then subsiding.

    After nearly an hour total time, I withdrew the wand, relaxed for a while, then headed for the thundermug.  Everything after that was pretty much normal.  Afterwards, as usual, I felt like a million bucks, renewed and refreshed and all too ready for next Thursday's cleanse.