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Instant Orgasm
  • As with instant coffee, where some of the taste and aroma are sacrificed for the convenience, such is the same for what I have discovered here today:

    I've owned an Aneros P-gasm for a little over a week, maybe two and am pretty green at it still.  That being said, I have already experienced countless Super-Os, due in large part I suppose, to my rugged determination and nearly constant usage (I'm retired).  Today, I got my Oster "Stim-U-Lax" professional massage Model 103 in the mail from Amazon.  Wicked expensive?  Yes, but so were the three Aneros toys; so what?  I spent my entire life doing for others, so now, it's time for me to do something for myself; nuf said.  

    After inserting the P-gasm using just a single, large drop of KY on the tip (the P-gasm is so large, I've found too much lube causes it to become a projectile during full-body Super-Os, so I do it a little dryer.  It keeps it inside a bit more snugly).  I then donned my new electric massager and began massaging my naked thy and bottom, especially the area where my right leg attaches to my pelvic bone.   This shook the hip joint very comfortably, which in turn caused the P-gasm to vibrate against my prostate.

    "Warm-up" took less than ten seconds and I could feel a dry orgasm building.  It didn't throw me into a full-body, convulsive state as has happened to me several times, when I've proceeded more slowly.  Rather, it was more of a build-up, which I could feel in my prostate and proceeding up into the base of m penis, the same as if I were about to shoot a load.  Then, it calmed down and began to build again.

    Very different sensation and VERY sweet!  

    I also tried touching the actual Aneros handle with a finger tip.  It vibrated the tool violently and I could tell, if I didn't stop soon, it would be instant mess!  Also, pinching the end of my flacid penis, allowing the vibrations to extend down the shaft and into my bod at its base, produced a sensation similar to just before I cum, so I stopped short of that as well, not wanting to have to wash my sheets AGAIN!

    All in all, it was worth the money and I'm sure I'll continue to use this daily.  I plan on using it to massage my 66-year-old frame, leaving my penis out of the picture on the days in between Aneros sessions.  Yes, I've tapered back to leaving a day or two between sessions; doing this seems to make them more intense.
  • Sounds like fun!
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 132
    Awesome !