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Wow, I'm really freaked out by what has happened.
  • MrCanuckMrCanuck
    Posts: 23
    So, I've been on my journey for about 10 months now and had a lot of sensations etc. Lot's of involuntaries, nipple re-wiring, hands free ejaculations, shaking, involuntaries for 20 minutes straight etc. 

    However, something new just happened. I was lying in be on my stomach (with no aneros in me), and I started to feel a warm, tickly sensation in my lower abdomen. The "tickly" feeling started to slowly creep up my abdomen into my chest and my mind started to wander off somewhere, which really scared me and freaked me out. 

    The warm, tickly sensation felt really good (felt like it would have maybe turned into something more if I let it), but I got scared of where my mind was wanting to go (felt like I maybe wouldn't come back).

    Any one else experienced something like this??
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 862
    Yes, many times, @MrCanuck. It is part of the Aneros rewiring process. You are clearly on your way!

    What you also described is called Aless, or an Anerosless feeling. I just love Aless because it prepares me for my next Aneros session. ;)

  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 776
    @MrCanuck --- Trust your body and mind to take you wherever it wants to go! Relax into it, and enjoy!

  • MrCanuckMrCanuck
    Posts: 23
    I'll try and relax when that happens, but is it normal for your mind to feel like it's "leaving" the normal world? That's the part that is scary for me.
  • HopefulMMOerHopefulMMOer
    Posts: 390
    @MrCanuck - Wow man, great stuff... Sounds to me like an OBE, or an out of body experience. They can be associated with a lot of things, I only know of them related to lucid dreaming. I have yet to have one and truth be told I don't think I'd want an OBE, but what you reported sounds like that. And I can see your apprehension about not coming back.

    Now obviously this was different hence your fear, but were any of these feelings familiar from past rides but just amplified?
  • exodusexodus
    Posts: 46
    Sounds like a kundalini awakening (google it). It may happen to some during their journey. It happend to me too and I was pretty scared of it at first. Now, somehow, I have learned how to separate this energy from my regular arousal. I don't know how I managed to do this because it happened automatically but I might have a theory. As I advanced in my journey I learned to distinguish the different feelings and energies and how to separate them. I can still 'activate' this energy by will (I'll feel lots of pressure in my head, it feels like my body is floating and if I lie down and concentrate on it even more it feels like I'm being sucked in a black hole. One time I saw a lot of stars and the universe and such, very weird...). So it will probably happen to you too if you give it some time. Good luck!
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 776
    MrCanuck said:

    I'll try and relax when that happens, but is it normal for your mind to feel like it's "leaving" the normal world? That's the part that is scary for me.

    I honestly don't think the word "normal" has too many relevant uses in the Aneros journey! However, I can relate to your experience and in my opinion, YES, the feeling like you're brain is going places you've never "consciously" been, has been a normal part of my experience as well!


  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 203
    MrCanuck said:

    I'll try and relax when that happens, but is it normal for your mind to feel like it's "leaving" the normal world? That's the part that is scary for me.

    Sounds a bit like an Out of Body/breathless experience, which I've only had very briefly once or twice. Or do you mean entering a frenzy of sorts?

    Outside of sessions, the warm tickling sensations developing down there is common. (I just came out of an hour long Anerosless mania 15 minutes ago, in fact) Typically, you think of something, and that something is a spark that slowly ignites your arousal right?

    For me the warmth below generally stays within the pelvis/abdomen region. On some occasions, weak sensations would vaguely travel up. It's a shame, because I think that's mainly what stops me from feeling full-body orgasms. The term itself is loose, though.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 884
    DarkEngine, have you tried "pulling" the warm feelings up your spine? Slightly squeeze your anus when you have the warm feelings and imagine the warmth is traveling up your spine as you breathe in. The warmth may lag behind your mind's lead a bit but will reach your head finally. Then "push" it down the front of your body back to your perineum when you breathe out. Do this with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. After doing this for a while you may feel the warmth fill your body. It's a very nice feeling.
  • aoeuaoeu
    Posts: 1
    Yes! Whoa, interesting discussion. I'm not far along, but just as MrCanuck and Exodus described, now I remember the same thing happening several times when I was going into relaxation laying down. I tried to focus on it and push it along, though was able to only for a minute. It did feel like a subtly sexual, warm energy crawling up onto my chest from my abdomen but at the same time the floating feeling kicked in which is indeed interesting. My eyes were closed and it was dark; were yours open or closed?

    But the floating part looks to be mostly like what is called (body) dissociation and can be brought on by drugs like Ketamine (veterinary anesthetic) and DXM (cough syrup) in high doses which are well known dissociatives, and is also called the "k-hole" when you are fully dissociated, not that I have experienced it. It so happened that I have used some cough syrup and it does tend to bring that about easier. I haven't used any in a while and also haven't experienced this in a while. Interesting.

    So this is "kundalini awakening"? Sounded like mumbo jumbo, but perhaps there is something to it, just like aneros. But by reading wikipedia it's still confusing. I'm tired though, so I guess more reading to do later. In the meantime, would like to hear more from other people too. Maybe change title of thread to be more descriptive?
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 309
    Deleted by author
  • @AneRico
    That was a very erudite post. Most of the lads turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, at the mention of Kundalini energy. Nice that you are posting again.