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I Discovered Something New
  • Something new to me at least.  

    I had "warmed up" relaxing, having had a few little pleasure waves and was between sets, so to say (surfer talk) when I got the idea to rotate the Aneros inside my rectum.  I was lying on my left side, with my right knee up against my stomach in a relaxed sort of way and I merely reached down across my naked bottom with my right hand and twisted the Aneros tool clockwise. If you were standing at the foot of my bed watching me and looking directly at my naked body, that's the view you'd have.  

    It seemed to me that there was some part of my anatomy, which caused the tool to "bump" a little bit.  By bump, I mean on the order of rubbing the lubed-up head of your erect penis across a bunch of Thompson Seedless (green is my color) grapes and feeling your penis head rise and fall across the wetted grapes.  Nothing harsh, merely a gentle bumping action, almost unnoticeable if you weren't paying close attention.  As we all know, during a session ALL our attention is on our prostate and penis, mine is at least.

    As I began doing my little kegel exercises, drawing the Aneros tool into and out of my bottom by squeezing my PC muscles (?) each time I squeezed, the tool "bumped" over a little something or other.  When I relaxed and the tool slid back away from me, it automatically bumpped over the obstacle and this went on and on until the feeling began to heighten.

    I should mention also, that the tool self-rotated each time it bumped.  Not sure of the mechanics of all that, but suffice to say, that little unexpected ripple or bump seems to make all the difference in the world when it comes to initiation of an orgasm.

    Normally, when I feel my prostate reaction starting to build, it feels great, but with the tool turned slightly and this new bumping action, things took on a whole new reality.  I had a Super-Super-Super-Super-Super well you get the point orgasm and I think it was due to this extra little added attraction.

    Anyone else experienced anything like this?
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    I've only noticed discomfort when doing this, how often u turning and what device is this with?
  • I run with the Big Dogs at just under 7 feet tall, so unknowingly, I ordered the P-gasm for my first tool. Kinda big is an understatement even for me, but I was pretty determined to figure this thing out, so I'm sticking with it.

    If you'll go to my other testimonial, you'll see I ignored all the "rules" and instead of taking my time, I powered through about 30 or 40 hours of sessions in a week. I will admit, there was some discomfort right at the point of insertion in my bottom, not unlike the way it feels after a bout of diarhea; kind of an acid itch, but that's all. It was more of an irritation than anything and I found by allowing a bit more time between sessions, it healed itself and now the tool fits like a glove.

    I will add this also; I now use only a drop of KY lube just on the end of the P-gasm tool, just enough to allow for easy insertion. I found out the hard way, during one of my first Super-Orgasms that too much lubrication turns the tool into a projectile! Soooooooo glad nobody was watching me!

    That's not to say I do this dry, it just means watch what you're doing or you may be chasing the tool around your bedroom like I did. I'll admit something else; It happened about three times before the light went on in my head that I didn't really have to douche with lube before insertion.

    As for "turning" it, I don't really, All I do is slightly rotate it so that the P-tab rests more on the righthand side of my perineum "seam" (?). When I do that, inside my bottom, I can feel it run up over a little ridge or something and that's what causes the "bump" feeling, I'm sure.

    Like I said earlier, I don't understand why it returns to its benchmark position all by itself, but I'm not one to argue, when doing this simple adjustment causes Gran Mal orgasms!!!
  • I've had Super-T's to die for by just barely wiggling the P tab back and forth. The motion is really small and is accompanied with traditional masturbation. These were really a distracting diversion on my journey to the Super-O.

    Of course after these, it is game over for a while, but WOW it really is an incredible ride while it lasts.