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Eupho Syn and Helix Syn.
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 223
    About a year ago I got rid of my white Eupho my helix Syn and my MGX. they were a distraction provoked an urge to switch from one to the other in the hope that anyone would be better than the last one. I kept the Eupho Syn .i have had about a year with that now and have had some wonderful sessions with it.
    Lately I began to think about the Helix Syn again and decided to buy one. The first two times I used it, I was very let down. I felt annoyed a having spent £50 for nothing.! well this morning, I lubed up, put the new helix Syn .within a few minutes it began to work. I was so pleased. I imaging that the months with the Euho, allowed me exercise and experience development that helped the new Helix to work so well. The surface of the helix seems to be so very much smoother than the older Eupho. Makes me wonder if the surfaces do loose some of that smoothness over time?
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 223
    I was reading about Aless this morning. Never heard of it. Does it mean sensations felt without the Aneros? If so, I've had this a few times.especially when driving on our bad roads. Also on the bus. Seems to be brought about by the vibrations . They feel like very mini orgasms. For any one who inquires about the long tern effects of Aneros use, I say simply this. Life gets much better. There is something fabulous to look forward to. Over time it have found that erections get better and harder and much more long lasting, I am able to pee without the discomfort I used to have . It flows much more easily. My PSA level has come down a lot. Lately I've discovered a new aspect to aneros pleasure. Shortly after inserting it,I begin to hint at an erection. A small tiny touch of contraction gives rise to a ticketing sensation in my penis. Then this startsvtheverection really coming on. This I'd a most delightful time. And then it is real hard a the aneros is moving around inside increasing the hardness. And then when it can get no stiffer, the dry pulsating contractions continue and it becomes my Super -O.this can repeat several times before it finally relaxes and gets flaccid again. A small tweak of the PC muscle and it all starts again.
    There are of course, periods when inserting the aneros does very little and seems a waste of time and lube. That is part of the story. Ups and downs, good sessions and poor ones or none at all. I do long for the next time. If the urge comes, I have to get it in and explore the next session.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 862
    Hi @tomasheen,

    I am very glad that your Aneros sessions have improved both your prostate and general health. I do not have problems with my prostate fortunately, but my Aneros sessions have enhanced my retirement years. Actually I feel reborn as a man when I take my long walks, especially when Aless sets in. ;)

    When I finally began my sessions in early June 2012, I hadn't had any previous experience with anal play. So the Helix Syn was naturally the model to take my virginity in that area of my body. The Helix Syn is gentle in its action especially for newbies like me. Then I added Eupho Syn when it first came out in early summer 2013. Nevertheless, I added both Helix Classic and Eupho Classic to my Aneros lineup. I like the direct action of both those models. Nowadays, I enjoy switching off between the Classic and Syn models and enjoy the nuances each of those models offer to me.

    I began to experience Aless for sure when I began working with Maximus in August 2012. Aless would come upon me in my walks. It seemed then that it felt like the Aneros was inserted and massage while walking. I found that very gratifying and I still do!

    Now Aless for me is a 24/7 phenomenon which occurs outside on my Aneros sessions. Most of the time, this Aless is in the background, but it is still there! I call it "covert" Aless.

    However, there is "overt" Aless which I can activate through one or several Kegels, or even more so through relaxed, deep breathing. This type of Aless is absolutely sublime because it makes me glad that I am a man. But quite often "overt" Aless may come upon me out of the blue. It may happen in church or even in Sunday school. ;) Deep down inside it makes me happy when that happens. Or, "overt" Aless happen when I am listening to music that I love. It certainly happens sometimes when I take Metrorail or metrobus here in DC.

    Finally I use Aless as a powerful meditative technique for celebrating myself and other men who use the Aneros. Aless enables me to review past Aneros sessions and to prime for the next session. ;) I still experience an occasional dud session, but even then, I come away with reassuring Aless!

  • @Tomasheen
    Glad to read the benefits you are reaping from Aneros use. Limit the frequency of your sessions, and you may cease to have dud sessions (IMO).