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A question on Aless, Kegels, and the PC muscle
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 862
    Hi guys,

    For the last few months, actually since February, I have been noticing the intimate connection between the anal musculature (actual both the inner and outer sphincters, and PC muscle) and gentle breathing in my Aneros sessions. My gentle breathing allows me to relax in my sessions, but it also powers my sessions in a subtle, yet powerful way. Since February at least, or not before, I have been able to come away from most of my sessions in an Aless which now has become 24/7 outside of my sessions.

    But yesterday and this morning, I have discovered in a most powerful way how my Kegels fuel my Aless, along with my breathing. But Kegels and breathing in my Aless is in fact a powerful rocket fuel. So yesterday morning between models, I sat at my PC and Kegeled some. Each Kegel caused a surge in my P-waves as my prostate quivered and pulsated excitedly. I reveled in the exquisite pleasure all this produced.

    But also yesterday and certainly this morning, I believe that I discovered for sure my PC muscle in this type of Kegeling. It seemed that the musculature centered around my prostate and my anal tract was not only elastic, but contained and produced lots of sexual energy and exquisite pleasure!

    I notice this also in my long walks during which there is this elasticity of the muscles in my sexual apparatus, even at the base of my thighs.

    Do you think that I have discovered my PC muscle and have strengthened it? I believe that I have and that it is a continuing and progressive process. What do you all think?



    P.S. Also in Aless in recent weeks, I have noticed that I have an Aless autof**k motion that is so slow and wave-like in its persistence. Also I believe that Aless is often activated through "Aneros muscle memory" of which @braveneworld mentioned some weeks ago. This morning I discovered that Aless is a powerful meditation technique which I believe "primes the pump" for succeeding Aneros sessions which in turn "primes the pump" for 24/7 Aless! Any thoughts?

    P.S. II. For the term and process of Aless, I wish to thank my good buddies, @Trei, @HopefulMMOer, and @BigOluver. ;)
  • HopefulMMOerHopefulMMOer
    Posts: 390
    @BigGlansDC - First, always envious at those that are able to differentiate between inner and outer sphincters, the various muscles, etc. Though it may not be necessary, still good to know I'd think.

    So I'd say I'm not surprised you found a pocket so to speak of orgasmic energy, of course how to access it regularly is the key, and kegeling as you're seeing is definitely one way! I got away from em for a bit but need to get back as I have read and experienced personally the many benefits they offer. As it is, IMO, yes, I'd say this is an indication that you're strengthening the PC muscles and walls, etc.. It certainly doesn't sound like a bad thing by any means.

    And yes, the acronyms I so consistently rely upon streamline my thoughts so much more!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 862
    Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    You may want to read this thread as well. It is much more informative:
  • HopefulMMOerHopefulMMOer
    Posts: 390
    Yeah, I'd tend to think any kind of resistance would help, whether you do it while sitting and or riding with... A while ago I found a device that is supposed to help with that but the reviews where 'meh' really.
  • I just tried a Kegel, it set off an Aneless P-wave that gave me a miniO. Wow, tried it again, and it really worked again except it was stronger. Third time will be the charm. Trying it now. Yeppers! Instant eight-level. Now instant nine! And one over-the-top, with my consciousness blowing out through my skull and filling the room. Wow!

    I haven't tried a deliberate series like that before. I likes it I does.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,255
    Warren, why is it only ypu that has experiences where 'your consciousness fills the room'? It seems you are the most rewired person alive. Your life with aneros must be heaven.
  • @WarrenGWonka - Hey, how long have you been riding?

    @inhope - Yep, I'd love to have what he's having!