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advice for a long session?
  • KatiesF25KatiesF25
    Posts: 37
    i want to do a all day session or a session lasting about 3 or 4 hours is there any advice people can give me about maximizing results with a session this long? ive tried a few long sessions before and the good feelings really start to diminish after about 30 minutes but i want to go longer.  are there types of oils that help for longer sessions?  the idea of doing an all day session is really appealing
  • BlissAnBlissAn
    Posts: 6
    Relaxation, focus and shea butter. Don't expect anything, close tour eyes, listen to your body. If you want something in this practice, It won't happen...

    But I think it should be really difficult to relax and focus for such a long time.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    I've been thinking of the importance of setting up a environment that cradles me in feeling safe recently for my sessions. This includes no distractions, no interruptions, no cell phone, no chatting, low lighting, pleasant scents, comfortable surroundings in general. Typically I'll ride for at least an hour and up to 4 hours or overnight. I'm tending to break the session up into shorter phases now; start out with a tempo or peridise or a dildo, take a break, and resume with a eupho syn or a pro jr. Needless to say use plenty of lube. :))
  • MattpMattp
    Posts: 127
    I've gone over night a few times. When I wake up, I just do some kegels to wake up my prostate