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A little bit of the good stuff goes a long way
  • I've always tried to think positively when it comes to areros so please bear with me: 

    I have been using aneros for a little over a year and a half now. In the beginning arousal wasn't hard to come by, partly because the whole aneros seemed tabo enough to be arousing in itself. As i've gotten use to the idea of sticking things up my bum I've become so accustomed to it that the initial arousal has begun to taper off. 

    I've generally chopped and changed between the 'do nothing' and relax, and the more proactive working of the aneros through various muscle contractions.  I'm not saying that I haven't enjoyed my experience, and I do get a certain amount of pleasure from each session. The problem so far has been maintaining sufficient arousal during the 'do nothing' technique as I also tend to drift off to sleep whilst doing it.  Conversely, the more proactive, pc muscle squeezing seems to only take me so far before tapering off. It feels too forced, so getting the aneros to take over has been mostly fruitless to date. 

    Nipple stimulation does seem to ramp up the sensations initially but it only seems to give a temporary lift to what has started to become a little mundane. 

    I think I'm yet to really find my stride and have become a little envious of those that have seemingly surpassed me in their progress. 

    p.s Not sure exactly what inspired my choice to topic title!

  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 223

    The problem so far has been maintaining sufficient arousal during the 'do nothing' technique

    Yeah it's really hard to stay focused/aroused when there's nothing happening. I used to forget I was in an aneros session and my mind would wander off to something else. It'd be 20 minutes before I even realised I wasn't paying attention.
    I don't have that problem any more, and I owe it to having an easily accessible baseline of pleasure that stays with me throughout the session. I'm not as "locked away" from pleasure as I used to be. There isn't the same sense of waiting for something to happen, while nothing is happening.

    It's like a sound, where it exists at a constant low volume. The volume rises and falls, sometimes getting very loud. But it's never silent in a session, so I don't forget what I'm listening for. It used to be silent for most of the session.

    Overcoming the boredom is tricky. I found it helpful to take on a new technique or thought of a particular sensation. For example "This session, I'm going to experiment with holding a gentle PC contraction".
    Or maybe I'd try to listen for any pleasure happening in my anal area.
    Of course there's no golden technique, but experimenting can put you in touch with different sensations, and importantly, it keeps your mind focused on what you're doing.

    I've had some good results with a blend of do-nothing and manual contractions. Do manual contractions until something interesting is happening, and then do nothing for a while. Alternate and mix it up.

    Going back to that base-line of pleasure I was talking about, I think it just started to happen, like it's something I got for free through re-wiring. There was one particular session I had where I got in touch with this deeper feeling, located physically higher up than I expected, it buzzed like crazy, and since then I've been able to access it again more easily. I consider this area my prostate now. Where as before, I was focused on some area further down below it. I still can't make sense of why this sensation feels like it's so high up, like it's just above where the Helix can reach, yet it's still stimulated.

    I think I was locked-in to a certain expectation, and got tunnel-vision. Which probably caused me to ignore and filter out what I should have been looking for. I'm starting to understand the "no expectations" rule. It's important from time-to-time to throw away everything you think you've learned and let the aneros show you new things. Even when you think you're 50% of the way down the right path, there could be a different path, especially as you re-wire and your body learns new tricks.

    Half of the problem is even realising you have tunnel vision in a certain area. The sensations you're expecting, the muscle tension you don't even know you're holding. Sometimes they can only be uncovered by trying something new. As another example, I tried one session where I held a slight push-out contraction, and that made me aware of the anal tension I had been holding without realising it.

    Aside from locating that deep prostate sensation, one of the biggest leaps forward I had was being able to zero-in on tiny involuntary contractions that were also pleasurable. I had always chased big involuntaries, thinking I needed really big, hard movements for the pleasure to start. But it's the tiny twitches that also feel good... those are the ones that build. And I think they're a separate type to the ones that feel big but not pleasurable. These are more like self-building auto-fuck involuntaries.

    That's my experience at least.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 790
    @clenchy has some awesome ideas in his post...nicely done! Yes, the longer our experience with Aneros, the easier it is to start to develop the dreaded "expectations", which is what creeps into my mind on occassion! Rereading the wiki helped bring me back to the basics!

    Since you've had the Aneros for just about the same amount of time as I've been riding also, I feel a bit connected to your situation.

    So, my feelings are that, I will use this "intermission" to do other things, because I've been at it long enough to know that the sensations DO return when the time, my mental state and my physical state are in the right condition! My body goes in auto pilot in most of my sessions and if it feels like it's not, my session is stopped! Turns out, I often just need more sleep or a good bowel movement, or both in many cases! But, most of all, I don't worry about it! It'll be back soon enough! Take a break, have a drink, reminisce and relax in the bliss of your memories of the awesome sessions you have had so far...and you never know, the sensations might make a surprise visit when you least expect it!

    Take care!

  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,259
    Yours echo mine exactly sir, my solution was to have sessions every day so my prostTe began to become more aware each time, I always feel something now even though I've yet to orgasm yet, I still always feel something aroused or not
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,178
    @clenchy, WOW!  Good stuff!
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 223
    Thanks for the positive feedback. Just to add... I've found getting a new aneros model was good for shaking up my expectations. With one model I'd get locked in to receiving one kind of stimulation and trying to push forward with it. Where a new model would come along and show me something else I wouldn't have thought about. Although I think @inhope got all the models, did that help you along at all?

    partly because the whole aneros seemed tabo enough to be arousing in itself

    This is another thing I liked about getting a new model. Even though it was short lived, there's always an exciting honeymoon period. My favourite was when I bought the Progasm Ice, holding it next to my Helix and thinking "Oh god, how am I supposed to put this in me?" I laugh about it now, but it was genuinely scary, in a dirty, exciting way. (shit, this makes me want to go shopping again :) )
  • @clenchy

    Thank you for the insight. You made some excellent points, some real food for thought there. I've read and re-read your reply, in order to assimilate as much as possible.

    At the beginning my limited knowledge was in some way a blessing. My initial progress was slow, before ramping up ( I actually achieved an intense climax of sorts with the biggest peridise and woke up to a very unreal and unexpected state with my progasm). After those milestones, expectation and a certain degree of frustration has begun to propagate over the course of the last 12 months.

    I do enjoy my sessions, appreciate the feelings and don't look at my apparent plateau as a negative - just looking forward to bigger and better things in the not too distant future!