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helix vs helix syn not sure what to get and still kinda skeptical about aneros
  • frenchiefrenchie
    Posts: 7
    so after some research im looking at two options the helix or helix syn not sure which is better one or the other and i still kinda skeptical about the aneros in general. as a side note i have never experienced anal play before and not sure about the mgx heard it is too small
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I own both types of Helix. I don't have much of a preference between them. The tie-breaker for me is cleaning it. The plastic helix washes down squeaky clean with very little time/effort, but the silicone of the Syn can retain a smell unless you wash and dry it a few times. So in terms of practicality and being easy to live with, the Helix classic wins for me.
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    They usually recommend the helix syn for new users but I honestly think it won't make a difference between the two. the syn is lighter material but the classic is slicker and easirt to clean. I have the classic and like it. I also have the eupho syn and that's my favorite, smell and all but that's me. Get either one and try it to find out what it can do. you can't go wrong. I have the MGX and it's not small or large, just medium sized. it's not my favorite but lots of guys swear by it. If you're new to ass play just go slow with insertion and use plenty of lube. if you meet resistance, it's your sphincter muscles that are tight. you can relax them with a lubed finger sitting inside you and getting the feel of it. the inner sphincter is harder to relax. The aneros prostate massage experience has been a revelation for me, new kinds of pleasures and experiences over the year I've been using. it took me a while to get started but I'm glad I was patient. read the wikis if you haven't already, They have a lot of general information about how to approach a aneros session. Best wishes, frenchie.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 805
    @frenchie --- Your skepticism is normal! However, I assume you are referring to the orgasmic sensations we can get that is hard to believe? It is hard to believe that such an experience is possible given all the descriptions you've possibly read! Please read the Wiki if you haven't already, and just know, based on mine and many many others first hand experience, that your mind and body is capable of some pretty amazing sensations and orgasms! In addition, the Aneros is not making your body do something it's not already designed to're just learning how to do it...just like you learned how to have an orgasm through, you're learning how to have an orgasm through stimulation of your prostate!

  • I would get the Helix Syn and the Progasm Jr. There is no one size fits all and by getting a couple, you can experiment with the different sensations each offers...

    I had a bit of success with the Helix Syn, but the Progasm Jr blew me away. I've been a user for less than a week, no more skepticism here! :)
  • frenchiefrenchie
    Posts: 7
    Thanks guys for info going for the helix soon
  • MattpMattp
    Posts: 127
    I bought a helix syn and enjoy it. I'm new to anal play and was also skeptical. I'm very glad I dove in and bought one. Feelings are great but you must be patient!! Go into it without expectations. Good luck
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I think most men, new to anal play, will experience a blend of pleasure and "Foreign-object annoyance" (aka, "good pain") from either of these tools.  However, t think that early in the Aneros journey the "-syn" version will tip the scales more toward the pleasure side of the equation.  Later in the journey, as one's musculature matures and relaxation techniques grow, the Helix-classic should provide a greater spectrum and variety of sensations.

    One approach is to start with the Classic and pad the p-tab (see the Wiki) for the first month or two to 'soften' it's touch on your perineum.

    The alternative approach would be to start with a Helix-syn and then add one of the 'classic' tools to your toy box.   The MGX might provide you with a sharp contrast to the Helix-syn.   While the Helix's provide more mass in the upper body, the MGX provides more distinct contact with my prostate and more pressure on the Cowpers glands.   It's firm p-tab does a better job of 'cradling' my prostate.

    While the members of the Helix family have a lot of lateral "road wander" the MGX stays very well centered.

    Hope this helps..... enjoy.