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Profiles / Stats
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 139
     I wish the Aneros profiles ask a few more questions so everyone would know who talking to who... It would enhance the conversation. Soooo
     I thought it would be good to have a thread on who is who and some info for those that want to participate. I am not judging anyone, just curious.

     I'll start:
    I am 50

    Married Very happy

    Straight / Intrigued with this new discovery ( my mind is blown and all over the place )
    At this point the Vice is my weapon of choice :D !

    3 months into this journey.

    Excited about what is next !
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 139
    the () are correct in the forums but are reversed in the blogs..weird.

  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    I'm 25 will be 26 in September

    Gay (bottom, very submissive)

    My Progasm Ice is my best toy that i can't seem to detach myself from(the hardness i really love)

    A year and 3 months on this beautiful journey with aneros and its been really great
  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 139
    Thanks @BigOluver  for the response ! Eyeing the Progasm !
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,180
    40yrs old
    married, three kids
    been on my journey for over 2 years now, maybe 3, cant remember
    eupho syn is my fav right now
    still learning new stuff everyday and excited about the future also!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Prior to the hack of a couple of years ago, we were invited to provide some details that placed a profile of ourselves on this site. It included such items as date of birth, general geographical location and a couple of other things, (possibly sexual orientation, optional), as I recall.

    At the time of the hack, all this information was removed but I have no idea why. It did help to put individuals into some sort of context. Now I find that if a topic requires that I have to make sense of it by including my age in the current post, I have to repeat the fact. I guess I have given my age at least ten times since the hack.

    Maybe @Aneros2 might care to consider restoring the facility for members to provide profile details again, or is this considered a risk to one's privacy?

    FWIW, I am now aged 75 and am from Melbourne, Australia, happily married to a woman three years my senior and began my Aneros journey in June 2009. I have all Aneros models with the exception of the classic Progasm and the DeVice. Current favourites are the smallest Peridise and the Eupho Classic. There you go!
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 800
    52 yrs old - Bisexual
    Married, kids
    Journey > 1 year
    Eupho Classic is my favorite
    Have Eupho Classic, Progasm Sr & Jr, Helix Syn, 1 Peridise
    Wife knows and is officially supportive of my Aneros use! Yeah me! Recent development!
  • forum_jediforum_jedi
    Posts: 80
    44 years old
    Been on the journey almost 5 years
    I switch between the MGX, Eupho, Peridise, Helix Syn, and Progasm
  • MattpMattp
    Posts: 125
    41 years old
    Married, 3 kids
    Journey: 7 months
    Started with SGX, now using Helix Syn
  • Happily Married 4 grown children Aneros user (started at HIH 17 years ago) Progasm is favorite. My first aneros from HIH had wire tabs. Enlarged prostate problems are history. Wife found the HIH site when I was having problems. Been a journey with her ever since. Have many toys and other vibes. Newest adventure last 3 years has bee strapon sex. Been playing with my large cock over 50 yers love long pumping sessions and milkings
  • BobandyBobandy
    Posts: 37
    Happily married, age 65, been with this since 2011. Started with the PS New and own most of all the models, my favorite is the TEMPO but I'm always switching them up. My least favorite is the Progasm (although I've had some wonderful orgasms from it I always feel some minor soreness afterwards) Lately I've been having Aneros-less orgasms and they're wonderful!
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    52 years old


    Neither a "top" nor a "bottom" by preference, though I have "topped".
    Like agenda-free sex.

    In a Civil Partnership - been with my partner for 22 years - not monogamous for the last 12 years.

    Eupho is my favourite, but I use the helix every-so-often.  My life partner has an MGX - we love discussing everything about this journey.

    Also use Taoist techniques, including temporary ejaculatory abstinence, and achieving dry orgasms through masturbation and sex.  I also use light nipple stimulation, and can encourage dry orgasms by thought alone.

    Journey thus far - 4 years
  • Noob71Noob71
    Posts: 22
    Happily Single 42 year old bi curious male **thx to Divajones for helping me realize this** (divorced 11yrs ago) 2 grown kids, 20yr old son still lives w/me - (i've had custody of him for the last 9 yrs)...Journey started almost a year ago, although i'm no stranger to dildos, cukes, etc.

    I use (in order of purchase) Progasm ice; helix syn, and MGX - no super o's yet, but i feel i'm well on my way.  Bi the way, any gay/bi guys wanna skype, inbox me...
  • Age: 49
    Preference: Straight
    Status: Divorced, but attached now
    Children: 2

    Started with Helix Syn last week with mild results, just purchased the Progasm Jr with explosive results!
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 308
    57 years old
    Married 30 years - very happy
    Two children - daughter 25 and son 17
    Hetero - But, due to the Aneros experience, I'm more open - so, I'd say curious too.

    Aneroses (in purchase order and how long I've had them): Classic Helix (7 years), Classic Eupho (3 years), Helix Syn (3 years), Progasm (2 years)

    Helix Syn is my "go to," but all of them have wonderful effects on me! 

  • awired50awired50
    Posts: 139
    Thanks for the responses !
  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 94
    38 years old
    Married 15 years - very happy
    Hetero, butt VERY curious now.

    Riding three years.  Helix Classic and Progasm ICE.  Total Progasm Slut.  Also, fully into aneroLESS and exploring with my mind.
  • 54 years old
    4 children

    I live near Toronto...I am Bi-sexual....I started with a Progasm Classic 2 1/2 years ago and recently I added a Eupho Classic...Eupho is my go to ride....I am blown away on a continuous basis by the Aneros

    Future goals are to harness the electricity within me and to be able to orgasm using my mind
  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 958
    This is what I put in my chat profile: GWM, 67yo, 68 in tall, 158 lbs, uncut 5.5 inches, versatile, Eupho syn, Helix, Tempo, Progasm classic and junior, MGX, Peridise. And now vixen dildo. Says it all!