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Pelvic Tension
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,178
    Normally during my sessions I have to concentrate all the time to make sure my legs are relaxed and not tensing up.  Its a constant battle for me, though I'm getting better with every session.  I had a session yesterday where it seemed that I had some tension in my whole pelvic region, so I relaxed that area and to my surprise things started feeling better and better, very weird though.  As the session went on I had to keep going back and relaxing the tension in my legs and pelvis.  Suffice to say it was a very good session with some new and distinct feelings I had never felt before.  Just wondering if the rest of you guys have noticed this same tension in your pelvis?  I'm not sure if it is just my PC muscle or something else that is causing this tension.  For some reason it just never occurred to me that I may have to relax my pelvis as the tension was not that noticeable.  In fact I'm not even sure how I relaxed it lol.  
  • IMO learning how to relax is a huge part of the journey.

    The big thing for me was realizing and noticing that I wasn't really that relaxed even when I thought I was. Even now I have to consciously tell myself to let go and relax even more.  Things like relaxing my jaw and eyes.  Letting my pelvis "melt" into the bed (I'm always on my stomach).  Sometimes I try and "look through my eyelids" to relax my eyes and ultimately my brain.  I find I don't even start to REALLY relax until a minimum of 15 min. into a session.

    For me it almost feels like these orgasms have always been right there and all it takes is to fully relax to let them "happen".  Occasionally I've envisioned two pieces of cellophane with some water in between them.  The water separates into circles and where the cellophane is stuck together is where the tension is.  I picture relaxing enough so the "tension" lets the water flow and connect thereby causing the orgasm.