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Wrong Aneros?
  • IcewallowIcewallow
    Posts: 1
    Dear fellow Aneros users,

    I've recently purchased an Aneros and am very excited about it. However I've had a few "test" runs so far and I've stumbled across an annoying problem. The problem being that whenever i use the Aneros i dont really feel anything, when i insert it i feel a good sensation from my prostate but as soon as i let go and let it sit in a comfortable position the sensation seizes to exist, i dont feel it at all anymore. I currently have the eupho syn. Is the problem that im not feeling anything related to the fact that i have one that is too small for me? or is it maybe that i have it for too short of a time to really experience anything? (i have tried running with the Aneros to maybe feel a bit more, bit still no success).
    Hope you guys can help me start off.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,173
    @icewallow,  Its completely normal in the beginning to feel nothing, give it some time.  Also the eupho is considered a more advanced tool for some reason, so that could be more of experience thing before it works well for you, but persoanlly I think all of the devices will get you where you need to go.  Make sure whatever position you are in that the device has room to move, for example, if you sit in a chair on the device it probably has very little to no room to move.  Although the device does not move much, its that small movement that massages your prostate.  Eventually with time your prostate will wake up and you should start feeling some good things.
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 776
    @Icewallow --- If you are at least 5'6" tall any of the Aneros should work fine. If you are around 5'6" in height the SGX was designed with that height range in mind. I honestly don't know what the range is but the description if the SGX has more. Have you seen the list of milestones on the Getting Started page in the Wiki? As @ineverknew said, it's normal to not feel much when you're getting started, but that will change with time. Your prostate is just getting used to being stimulated and that takes time. The wiki is full of advice if you haven't seen it yet! Have fun!

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Welcome to the Forum!

    While I agree with the comments made by @ineverknew and @Theme_Gasm, IMHO I fear that the Eupho Syn might not have been the best model with which to begin your Aneros journey. While I find the Eupho Classic to be one of my enduring favourites, it took a while to get to that position. The Eupho Syn is very subtle and I believe it will need a bit of practice in order to get it to respond the way you would like. BTW, I wonder if you have read the Aneros Wiki 

    If you click on the "Categories - Prostate Massagers" link below, you will see that the SGX model is the one recommended for beginners and that the MGX is the model that set this whole activity going in the first place. I understand that many users have found that the Helix models have been great starters.

    No doubt there will be many others keen to offer you advice so I wish you all the best of luck. Enjoy the journey!
  • I started with the helix syn and graduated to the Eupho Syn very quickly. The eupho is lighter, more nimble, and more subtle than the helix. I can ask the eupho to move from one side of my prostate to the other without moving it consciously with my muscles.

    Don't sit on it. The point of the tool is that it pivots on the perineum tab and massages the prostate as your anal sphincter twitches. My advice is to lube up, insert, put on some smooth jazz or loving porn, lie down on your side and just relax and let it take you where it will. Enjoy the trip, never try to force it, that doesn't work.

    I have a video now. Go to and search for aneros. That's a peridise, but the idea is the same.