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Feeling warm glow, heart pounding, muscles dancing.
  • BunkBunk
    Posts: 170
    Been having lovely orgasms for some time now, prostate based, with pelvic and anal spasms, ejaculatory feelings, etc. with and without the Helix.
    As of late though, things have gone up a notch.
    After an hour or so, on my side, having continuous involuntaries in the PC, anal, rectal, glutes, you name it, I rolled onto my front and gave the anal muscles a squeeze whereby my heart started pounding, I felt hot and a beautiful feeling rolled over me. It felt as if, had it continued to rise, it would have overwhelmed me completely. It happened again a few days later during my next session and intensified a bit.
    I no longer get the teeth gritting all-over shakes that I used to, now I seem to bypass this and the feelings are more subtle, focused all in the pelvic region, but much more pleasurable.
    Never felt anything like it before. I describe it as like having an electric shock in super slow motion.
    I feel like I'm about to conquer another peak. Sound familiar to anyone else..?
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 876
    It certainly feels real familiar to me, @Bunk! ;)