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Signs of Success?
  • orlandot94orlandot94
    Posts: 1
    Hello all, first time poster but long time lurker. I have been using the Aneros for close to 5 years now off and on (mostly off) with slow but steady progress. Typically I will have some good sensations for a week or two, then nothing. I'll take a month or two break, or use it just once or twice per month, and then I'll go back to it and find some more success for a week or two and then repeat. I have kept using it because although progress was slow, it does seem like through each cycle of 1-2 months, I am slowly learning and feeling more.

    Last night was my first real sign of something special, and I'm going to tell you about it here for some further guidance.

    I was laying on my side in bed and started with slight contractions. What I have found in the past few months is that just doing Kegels is something that gets a good series of sensations and p-waves going. For several years I struggled to define what type of contraction was correct, but I think I finally figured that out and Kegels give me the most success.

    I was performing a series of slow Kegels for about what I would say is 10-15 minutes. I don't usually do anything special like count reps, but just try to focus on doing the Kegel and holding and then repeating. For the past few months this has generated some solid p-waves, but nothing especially intense or otherwise that exciting. I do appreciate the p-waves and those alone will keep me using it, but what I really want is the Super-O.

    Now is where things have changed for the better. Out of nowhere I began to become aware of a feeling that my ass was clenched up and holding onto the Aneros. It was as if it was holding it and I couldn't really move it. This sensation rapidly became more intense and the holding sensation much more pronounced. I immediately could feel a strong wave of pleasure on my cock and got hard. This warm sensation also was occurring in my ass which felt great and intensified rapidly.

    What happened next was great, and I am not sure how close to an orgasm it was, but the pleasure continued in waves and I was rock hard. I started to feel a strong buzzing sensation on the tip of my cock and this continued to increase in intensity rapidly. This continued for I would say maybe 30 second to a minute, eventually it seemed to culminate in a peak of pleasure and then died off. What I can say is that it was quite good, but not too intense. It felt very pleasurable but not mind blowing.

    This strong sensation felt wonderful and I knew it was something special, my heart was racing and I was super excited but unfortunately I couldn't replicate it again. I was hoping it would come again in another wave, but it didn't happen. After about another 20 minutes of trying I ended the session as I felt like no more sensations were occurring.

    That was my first really good experience with the Aneros and it gives me some hope and reason to keep going with it. I'm looking for some feedback/suggestions from you guys. Thanks so much for the great forum and advice. I am really excited about the possibility of a Super O in my near future. :D


  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    What you describe is exactly like my sessions are like lately, looks like it's going I the right direction. Keep doing what your doing !
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 732
    The first thing you described is a miniO to me... The second is less clear to me. Is it the end of the first, another one, or a dryO... Hard to say.