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First Session - Almost a Super-0. Need advice.
  • elgringoelgringo
    Posts: 2
    Last night I had my first session with an Aneros and it has totally blown me away. I just wanted to share what happened and ask for advice from experienced practitioners how I can crack the Super-O.

    I lubed up the Aneros Helix (After-Sun cream as I like the cool feeling), inserted it and got on my knees with my head down on the bed, butt up in the air. It's my favourite position for masturbating as just being in that position turns me one. I'm going to skip the bit about what I did with my ass, sphincter muscles, breathing etc as plenty of other users on here have it covered. All I'll say is I contracted my ass/sphincter and listened to my body and tried to build up the feeling. Once my breathing started to become faster and deeper I knew was doing it right. 

    It took me a couple of hours to get to a point where the Helix would begin to self-fuck me, but once I'd got there the feelings were incredible - kinda like my whole mind had been elevated to a different level of consciousness. I've never taken drugs but maybe it was a kind of a trip. The first time the self-fucking happened it kinda surprised me a little and caused me to lose concentration, at which point the contractions faded away. So I stopped to regain my composure and take in what had just happened. I was sure that if I could continue to build the sensation the Super-O was surely within my grasp - and on my very first session! 

    After maybe another hour of gentle stimulation (all hands free of course) I was back to the same point again - involuntary contractions with my sphincter doing its own thing and the waves of pleasure building. This was it I thought - the Super-O is on its way! My whole mind and body was tripping again but this time I managed to keep relaxed and it kept building and building until I was in some kind of other-worldly euphoric state that I could barely believe. Then, just as I sure I was about to orgasm my sphincter contracted with a vice-like grip and propelled the aneros about 10 feet across the room. I was still twitching around my butt but I knew I'd blown it (literally) for getting my first Super-O. I tried again over the next couple of hours but I couldn't achieve the same state again. 

    Anyway, that's my story. I hope it inspires you if you're thinking of buying one. 

    Lastly, can anyone offer  advice as how to I can prevent my ass ejecting the Aneros at the crucial moment? I'm hoping I did something wrong (stopped relaxing?) so I can correct it for next time. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any thoughts/advice for me. 
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,183
    @elgringo, sounds to me like your on the right path.  I wouldnt worry too much about describing what you are feeling, that will come easier with time, just enjoy it.  As for the device flying out, that probably will not happen as your muscles down there get stronger, if it does happen, dont worry about it.
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    For me, a Super-O occurs when a number of different orgasms happen in unison. It wasn't until I learned how to have each one that I could get to Super O. I definitely couldn't have made one happen before then.

    In your case, I think you should focus on what is happening, enjoy the sensations, and the Super O will come. Definitely don't rush things. The more you try to make it happen, the less likely it will happen.