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Aneros and an estim adventure
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 942
    Aneros - estim - interesting
    I have not experience of AutoF, not in two years. So exploring new possibilities I purchased a EMS PelviTone. It came with a vaginal probe, so I also purchased an anal probe.
    The anal probe has banded electrodes, the vaginal side electrodes. I had three days of tingling pain from the anal probe, I think it was shorting through an internal haemorrhoid. , not nice. Ah well I may be able use it with pads- disappointed me.
    Last night I could not sleep, kept getting the thought try the vaginal probe. In it went picked a suitable program, turned up the power oooooooo. Side electrodes are the answer, no burning. The auto contractions were magnificent. The various Hz rates gave many and varied pulses ------- so this is what my Aneros buddies experience. It gave me perfect Kegel contraction of every description - the new muscle groups were a surprise. Well at the end of the 20 minute I found I had leaked a little prostate fluid. Now the vaginal probe does not normally touch the prostate but with my BPH I think it might have, it certainly pulsed through the BC muscle to the prostate. I used Eupho SYN later and had many series of BC twitches.
    I have since read that estim through the penis helps some forms of ED- good if I can be free of my happy pills. For folk like me the estim is a great support to my Aneros adventure. It also worked with my oil based Natural Jelly. It will take a while to get the best setting.