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mental/emotional pleasure
  • First of all, I'd just like to say that while this is my
    first post, I have on multiple occasions browsed through the forums and found
    many fascinating discussions, if not outright helpful information.

    I had a very interesting session earlier today using the Peridise.  I'm still fairly new to Anerosing.  My first purchase was the Helix Syn, though
    after a few sessions, I felt that it might be a little too direct for my
    particular tastes.
      It felt a little
    intrusive--not because of the size as I own a butt plug that is larger in girth
    at the widest point and length and find enjoyable--but because of the direct
    pressure on the prostate.
      I just
    purchased the complete Peridise set, and after having used the largest one
    during traditional masturbation, I definitely find them preferable.
      I also bought them because I was interested
    in something to possibly try wearing in public during the day without causing
    soreness or discomfort.
      As a side note
    that may illustrate where I am in the rewiring process, I can have a
    traditional orgasm hands-free after a certain point.
      It's more enjoyable--and requires almost no
    direct ministration to my penis from my hands--with a butt plug inserted, but is
    doable without a toy as well.
      Once I
    feel that I am "near" orgasm, I can clench, and orgasm hands-free.

    Now, I opened up a ASMR youtube video (If you're not
    familiar with ASMR, it consists of triggers, usually sounds, that induce that
    tingly feeling on your scalp.  People use
    them to relax or fall asleep.), inserted the largest Peridise, and sat down on
    my Ikea poang chair.  I closed my eyes
    and just tried to relax.  After what
    might have been five or maybe 10 minutes, I could feel myself rocking slightly
    in the chair, without intending to.  The
    Peridise was still.  I could feel my body
    subtly moving of its own accord, causing me to rock almost imperceptibly in my
    chair.  Still, the Peridise was stationary.  Suddenly I felt a heat growing in my abdomen,
    that slowly spread outward, encompassing my ass, groin, legs, feet, and even my
    hands, which were resting on my lap.  I
    began visualizing the Peridise moving very slightly in and out of my anal canal.  In time with my breathing I began visualizing
    the Peridise going deeper and back out.  The
    heat became intense, suddenly I experienced a confusing mixture of heat
    consuming my lower body, and at the same time feeling completely detached from everywhere
    the heat touched.  After a few minutes of
    this, I began feeling hypersensitive on my entire body, as if I could feel more
    acutely than was ever before possible.  I
    should mention, this was a steady heat; not waves of it, just a solid presence.  Soon I could feel my eyes rolling around
    under my eyelids almost of their own accord. 
    I felt mentally, or maybe spiritually depending on how you define those
    two, stimulated.  I began breathing faster.  I experienced mental (basically, I just mean
    not physical) pleasure.  Not overwhelming,
    but noticeable, and enjoyable. 
    Throughout this sensation, unless I made a contraction, I was unaware of
    the Peridise's presence.  Everywhere the warmth
    touched, I couldn't feel anything but the heat; it was as if the heat consumed
    my insides, and from the abdomen down I was made of solid energy in the form of heat.

     As I said, for the most part this session was noticeably
    more emotionally (I think that's a better word for it) pleasurable than
      That being said, it was
    definitely a fascinating and enjoyable experience.
      My question goes out to you veterans and
    beginners and anyone in between.
    any of this sound familiar?
      Are your sessions
    generally started by way of physical sensation or emotional/mental
    concentration, or some combination of the two?
    Even if you have no answer, let me know what you guys think.


    PS here's a link for the ASMR video I was watching if any of
    you are interested:

  • Not really. It doesn't speak to any of my almost 79 years of life experience nor the last 4 years of aneros use, and dildo and Kegels before that plus penile masturbation since my teens, and man-to-man experimentation the last 2 years.
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    All manner of strange phenomena have happned to people using aneros. i attribute this to aneros's near spritual nature that sometimes the lines can be blurred and we accidentally cross over in to that territory in part or in full. I also find that my aneros can heal me emotionally, as it has many times before when i'm sad or frustrated. And those emotions in-turn propel the quality and intensity of the session.