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An exploding session ! amazing !
  • sublevel1sublevel1
    Posts: 12
    Hi all, just want to tell you a little story about my last session
    In a hot bath, lube up, and helix in, then just relax in the hot bath, 
    i could see the stream of precum in the water, it felt amazing.
    then i got up, the movement make my helix move in a different way,
    i had to hold the wall, my knee were shaking, and a big drop of cum 
    came out,  wow man, that was good
    not an orgasm, but soo good, then i went to lie down on my bed for a little while
    and relax, precum kept going but the intense feeling is gone, decided
    to go to my computer, and check some porn, i put up a nice prostate orgasm
    video, and touch my cock a little, jerk off a little, then when the feeling of
    orgasm came in, i stop touching my dick, let the feeling pass, but, my helix
    went crazy, pumping me like a mad toy with a mind on its own......
    the feeling kept groing, and i couldn't stop it, and exploded all over myself
    stream after stream of cum, i shot like 6 big rope of cum on my stomach
    the orgasm felt like it was not ending, wow, that was good, i came for like 45sec
    i wonder if i cross a new line in my prostate awaking
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,173
    @sublevel1, ejaculation is not an intended outcome of prostate orgasms.  I think you might want to reread the wiki.  Also there is a "penis not" thread you might want to read also.  
  • didymusdidymus
    Posts: 101