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Proper positioning of Eupho and Helix
  • ThrusterThruster
    Posts: 52
    The Eupho and Helix (both Classic and Syn) have a thin stem at the base of the device, and the insertable portion above the stem consists of three bulbs separated by two narrower areas.

    Is the external anal sphincter supposed to go around the lower narrower area, or around the thin stem?

    I tried to position the device with my anus encircling the lower narrower area, but then the tip of the device didn't quite seem to reach far enough over my prostate.  However, when I tried to insert the device farther, with my anus around the thin stem, the low bulb kept popping out and the device repositioned itself as before.

    To add some context, I'm experienced with anal and prostate play, but new to Aneros, in my 50's, married, and fully hetero with lots of solo.  Reading the reviews and other material here, it is clear that the Aneros devices are meant to be used much more gently than the robust tools generally associated with anal play.  Perhaps I'm too stretched out and need a break to let my anus tighten back up to a more normal condition.  Regarding the apparent shortness of the device, maybe I need to first heighten my arousal level, allowing the prostate to engorge and meet the device, rather than expecting the device to reach sensitive areas of the prostate immediately upon insertion.

    I'm guessing the device is designed to seek the proper position all by itself, which would put the low bulb and thin stem outside, and the anus around the lower narrowing, not around the thin stem.  Can someone confirm please?  Much thanks...
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 800
    @Thruster --- The Aneros is designed to seek the best position by itself, which is why you'll often read that it's recommended to partially insert the Aneros and let your musculature make the final position adjustments!

    When I remember to follow that rule, I typically get good results!

    I believe your description of the positioning is accurate!

    I'm also in my 50's, married, etc...and it did take me a couple of months of regular Aneros use to awaken my prostate...but, after more than one year of regular, multiple times per week, use, my prostate is my second best friend, after my wife! I get some of THE MOST incredible sensations from that little walnut...I'll tell you what!!!

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    This image accurately depicts the proper insertion location. Image Here
    The tip of the Aneros (while inside the rectum) pushes against the prostate gland. The walls of the rectum are very flexible and elastic, they will easily stretch to accommodate the shape of the Aneros. When the anal sphincter muscles are contracted, the Aneros with its P-tab arm is pushed up into the prostate and thus massages it. The P-tab also acts as an anchor/fulcrum/pivot point. When the contraction takes place the Aneros will rotate slightly about the center point of the P-tab thus pushing the tip of the Aneros forward into the prostate for added massage action. With both the Helix & Eupho models it is not necessary (nor really practical) to attempt to insert all the way to the "T" junction.
    Upon insertion of your Aneros the proper orientation occurs automatically and naturally. The Aneros are already designed with a forward canted shape to be directed at the prostate, the P-tab assures correct orientation and alignment. Pinpoint accuracy of prostate engagement is NOT necessary. It does NOT require much force or pressure to stimulate the prostate sufficiently to generate the P-Wave phenomenon. As you become more experienced with your massager you will find it requires less and less pressure to generate P-waves, to the point you will be able to generate them without the Aneros present at all.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I know this won't answer you question directly but last week, I managed (through setting up a session in total darkness early one morning), to insert my Eupho Classic, (modified by having the curly part of its handle removed), back-to-front!

    The session proceeded normally and the sensations were somewhat different, but still quite pleasant. I certainly didn't have a super-O but then I very seldom do. I remember thinking that there didn't seem to be quite as much going on at the anterior side of my insides as usual!

    It wasn't until I came to removing the tool at the end of the session that I realised what I had done. Maybe it isn't so important to have the tool positioned exactly correctly as one assumes!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 907
    I always pop a boner whenever I see the graphic diagram of Helix Classic doing its job that @rumel has posted! ;) I purchased the Helix Classic in late December 2011, but he sat unused mostly until January of this year as he now stars in most of my sessions. Gee, I want purchase two more Helix Classics for my collection because you can get them cheaply on Amazon in the 30-35 dollar range. :D

    The directions for not inserting smaller Aneros models to the hilt, such as Helix Classic, Helix Syn, MGX, SGX, and Progasm Junior, does make sense. The smaller models are "sucked" in to the hilt in correct placement against or on the Prostate by anal contractions. These anal contractions happen naturally in me with these models because of the hunger or lust of my body and psyche I feel at the beginning of a session. However, larger and longer models, such as Progasm Classic, ICE, Maximus, especially Tempo, and even Eupho do require a "gentle" insertion to the hilt. But my body still takes over, and I have fun!

  • ThrusterThruster
    Posts: 52
    @BigGlansDC - Are you sure about Eupho going "to the hilt"?  I don't think it should -- It has a thin stem just like the Helix, and both seem to work properly for me with the positioning pictured by @rumel above.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,009
    FWIW, I had to move the PTab as if the Helix is in the suggested position (not fully in) it skittered over my perineum and often applied no pressure at all. Just me I suppose. I don't recommend moving the PTab as the are multiple angles to get right. I am trying It now and it feels good now . Caveat: I am still in stage one and I am unable to trigger the auto-anal-F***.