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Hands free session thanks to my wife.
  • lakers01lakers01
    Posts: 6

    I see a lot of threads about SO's that dont like the aneros, just wanted to share a story about my first hands free orgasm and an amazing session thanks to my wife and also that you can have fun with you SO.

    Long story short my wife and I like to role play, its fun and changes up the regular routine. I came home last week and wy wife was wearing a nurse costume and tells me I have an examine for my prostate. I go take a shower and put in my Helix classic. Come back to the bed and she tells me the examine is starting. Now she had a little different role play in mind. She blindfolds me and ties me spread eagle to the bed. Tells me to relax and enjoy the feelings. I start to get these strong contractions much sooner then normal, I think it was because I usually try my side more then my back. My penis gets hard and starts bobbing up and down. She is kind of shocked because she has not seen this before. She then starts rubbing my body and playing with my nipples and whispering things I cant mention :) Anyway she never touches my penis and after about 15 mins of her teasing me and the Helix doing its work I start to feel like Im floating and the next thing I know I squeeze a little bit and just explode into this long drawn out orgasm where I am moaning and shaking. One of the best orgasms I have ever had. Now I know this is not the desired result but I just wanted to share an amazing experince and hopefully others will be lucky enough to get thier SO involved! It can be great fun for both parties.


  • AkiraAkira
    Posts: 32
    Why is it not the desired result?
    Sound very good to me!!!
  • Had a similar experience last summer tied up on the bed with progasm in wife was giving my body a tongue bath, then surprisingly removing the progasm and inserting one of large vibrators, penis shaped about 7". Turned it on and left me on the bed. She came back and found my stomach and chest all sticky with my semen