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Are they Anal-O's or Mini-O's?
  • I've been having a lot of success with my various devices, but I'm puzzled as to whether I've ever had any actual Mini-O's. That's to say, they've all felt like Anal-O's to me, at least from what they've been described. There's no penile or prostate involvement, its all situated in the anus/rectum. And its usually when i'm using the Progasm that it happens. Almost never with any smaller device. The large size seems to stimulate the inner sphincters and anal walls and cases the anal-O's. But it usually involves the sphincter clamping down on the device, then a build up to a climax. I was under the impression that a Dry-O or Super-O usually takes place when you're completely relaxed. 

    They're really great, no complaints here. However I am making efforts to now experiment with devices and attempt to incorporate more prostate sensations. 

    How would you describe the difference between a mini-o and an anal-o? 
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,260
    i would like to know this also
  • I enjoy using my progasm so much. I usually have my chest on the bed and up on my knees. I use a syringe of lube first then insert the progasm, this of course after an anl finger massage to relax my sphinxter for easy insertion of progasm. I do my kegel exercises getting the progasm trusting in and out building to an orgasm, on the edge and right before ejaculation I clamp down on the progasm for a pretty good super dry O, I can do this 3-4 times but finally have to climax which is awesome and enjoy my own semen too
  • That's similar to how I use mine as well. They're definitely Dry-O's, however I don't know if they're "true" Dry-O's. From what I've read on the forum and the Wiki, a true Dry-O is just short of a Super-O and involves prostate and penile sensations. The O's I experience are almost completely situated in the anus, leading me to think that they're merely Anal-O's. Like I said, they're still awesome though; no complaints. 

    I'm just wondering how I get from there to a true Dry-O or a Super-O, which would encompass all facets; Anus, Penis, Prostate, Rectum etc. I assume all of them would experience sensations during a Dry-O or Super-O.