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Smaller statured men and what device? interesting thought..
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,259
    So i had a session where i was building feeling and such then i decided to cut it short, remove the device and see what happened. What i noticed was this: I'm now getting lots of heat in there, lots of nice feelings and still a build up of 'something'

    Actually i would say its better than when an aneros is in there? i often after a session (typically after i accidentally ejaculate and the NEXT day) i get these sorts of feelings, as soon as i chuck an aneros in there, it is still nice but NOWHERE near as nice at all and after 90 mins or so, the session ends.

    Same thing where having super-t's are concerned, when i orgasm with an aneros in there, it makes the orgasm less good, it 'stifles' them. This is with the SGX by the way.

    Again i think, perhaps being of smaller stature, that the smaller the device, the better. Looks like i need to get the peridise and use that as my main prostate stimulator, everything is just too big it seems! maybe this will help push me over the edge.

    As for other milestones, I've begun to get a teeny, tiny bit of precum in every session now, even if i don't get feelings as such, so its progress.

    No other devices work for me, the bigger the device, the less i feel. (i own ALL the aneros tools, except the peredise as i thought it too small etc)

    So here is a question for you smaller dudes (I'm 5ft 4 and small for my age - 32):

    "What devices do you use and what techniques have you used to get where you are, have you noticed using a smaller device yields better results?"
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,178
    @inhope, i'm not sure the peridise will help but if money is no concern its worth a try i guess.  The peridise are not really considered prostate massagers though some have reported great success with them.  I would guess this is do to muscle memory and mostly internal pc muscle causing them to get the pleasure that way as opposed to the peridise doing all the work, but again its just a guess.  Have you ever tried electro-stim?  Some have had good luck with electro stimming in getting close to the super O.  I havent tried it myself but you can get a good start at it for around $150.  Sounds like your prostate is being a real bugger, maybe shock it into working? lol
  • dmiketdmiket
    Posts: 33
    That's a tough one.
    I'm not a big guy--5 ' 7"--athletic build, and I find the MGX rocks me in way's I didn't know existed before.
    However, you've shared that bigger isn't better for you. Trust your instincts with this and relax with the sgx. You've mentioned that there's been progress.
    See where that takes you.

  • I have found that the size of the device certainly affects the types of experience I have, but I personally don't consider the small devices superior to the bigger devices. I enjoy my helix for its greater mobility, and the progasm for its stronger massage and presence. I'm 5'3". In spite of my short stature both the models I own engage and pleasure my prostate equally well.

    These are my experiences only and I don't expect everyone to share them. However, keep in mind that the aneros wiki states that 98% of all men share the same approximate location of the prostate gland. If this is true, I'd wager that its possible your lack of pleasure from larger models is not because a larger model is too big to engage your prostate adequately. Maybe the larger models are simply causing discomfort and leading to an inability to relax. Or maybe its something else, I don't know. I don't believe there is anything wrong with sticking to and enjoying only the smaller models, but if you would like to enjoy the larger models also, I encourage you to explore/focus on alternate and fixable reasons why you get less pleasure from larger models. 
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 789
    @inhope --- When I began my journey, I was told, by a few EXPERIENCED users, to stick with one model, and that switching models might make achieving good results much more difficult! I followed that advice, until I reached my first Super O! After I realized that I was capable of achieving the most sought after of experiences, was when I then started trying other models! Now, after waking up my prostate and getting much more attuned to myself and these sensations, was when I tried different models. I now sense a much greater distinction of each model and I think I understand the value of that original advice!

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    If you think the Peridise models will fix your problem, you are in for a big disappointment.

    They are not prostate massagers so they won't do what the SGX is supposed to do.

    I think you should follow the advice given by @Theme_Gasm and stick with what you have until you receive some positive results from that one.
  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,259
    Pommie, i never said that it will solve my problem, more than it is something in addition to helping it along. I've known of users have full blow super o's with the peredise too, so whilst not expecting them, it would be cool if they happened.

    Theme_gasm, well I've used the SGX for like 6 sessions in a row now...
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 789
    inhope said:

    Pommie, i never said that it will solve my problem, more than it is something in addition to helping it along. I've known of users have full blow super o's with the peredise too, so whilst not expecting them, it would be cool if they happened.

    Theme_gasm, well I've used the SGX for like 6 sessions in a row now...

    I've got to give you credit for not giving up!

  • inhopeinhope
    Posts: 1,259
    Ive had to fight for everything in my life, so why should this be any different (i thought maybe this time, it would be different)

    I get incredibly angry when i don't get a reward for the time, money and research thats going into this, especially when I read how some dude get an aneros, shoves it up there and get 10 super o-s without effort, even when copying or repeating their movements.

    Thing is, i can't give up, not ever. Ive put too much of me into this. I actually believe that I've been using the device wrong somehow, and that over the last few months that I've started to use it right somehow, not sure why all of a sudden its started giving me results but for 3 1/2 years i got zero pleasure from using aneros stuff, possibly due to impatience. Now... i seem to be getting better. 

    When i finally get Super O's i want a certificate, a medal and some sort of aneros goodies box as a reward. Seriously.
  • devajonesdevajones
    Posts: 162

    Ok just weighing in here.  My husband is not too tall of a guy....the progasm works better for him than the helix ever did.  I will say this...just stay with it until you get it may not be the best advice.  Yes you all have the same parts however there are small differences inside you.  Another model may actually work better....and the peridise you can get it on ebay (actually from the aneros company) for $45.99 thats where i got mine.  Thats what women are for...finding a good bargain.