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Amygdala clicking
  • EhmEhm
    Posts: 189
    Inspired by the 'Automatic Tantra' thread I thought a thread exclusively devoted to Amygdala clicking would be a good idea.
    I was already familiar with ksmo and Kelly Howell's ecstasy cd and can vouch for most of what Pan wrote. Amygdala clicking is actually the most promising of the three but because of is outrageous claims I'm sceptical to say the least.It seems too good to be true.
    It's a kind of natural feedback loop with no beginning and end (like the chicken and the egg) that rewards intelligence, creativity , cooperation etc with good feelings and which when you're doing the forward clicking assumes you're already using these frontal lobe activities so you get ever increasing creativity, intelligence etc and ever increasing good feelings.
    And the feelings are so good that when the amygdala was stimulated in mice they preferred that over drugs and sex.
    The claim is basically we can use our mind to stimulate the amygdala and it will not only make you more intelligent, creative etc but it will make you feel better than any drug or sex can make you feel.
    BUT since this was discovered with the mice and Lingo's experiments no electronic device has been made to stimulate the Amygdala for humans???It doesn't make sense.
    Up until a few years ago even being able to orgasm using a sound would have seemed outrageous to me, still even after I've experienced this firsthand I still find the Amygdala clicking claims outrageous, but I really want to believe it.

    Who can vouch for the amygdala clicking?

    PS: IF it really works why doesn't the Aneros company make an electronic device that stimulates the front part of the amygdala?Wouldn't that be something EVERYONE would want? Then it would be like, oh and btw they also make prostate massagers that can give men orgasms that are just as intense and longlasting as female ones
  • CanacanCanacan
    Posts: 677
    I don't believe in anything... but it doesn't prevent me from trying and experiencing many strange stuff. I don't think believing is an issue.

    What I experience and can experience again, I know I did... No believing here. What it is and why and how I was able to experience it, I don't know... No believing here either. What theories others have about it, I keep an open mind to, as it might aswell be trash as be a lot of help further on, if not be the plain and entire truth of it (which would the extreme best case scenario)... So here again, no believing involved. Just being open minded.

    But when I try something mental --and this (queen?) amygdala thing definitely sounds like one of these things requiring mental visualization-- i need all the believing I can get and maintain during the experience... It is belief in the mental imaging that tries real hard to go way beyond belief, like a tension of the belief on the verge of progressively emerging into reality, like a tangantial near manifestation. Believing is not like knowing, believing is a tension between doubts of "it is" and doubts of "it is not", the tension sliding slowly and indefinitely towards "it is" (without moving much actually)... Or it is how I see it... To me, rather than belief (which is a word I seldom use), I'd say fully get into it, indulge into it, relish and let go.

    And to do that, I defintely need all the sensorial information I can get. So, all the believers and practitioners can say will be treasured as a potentially invaluable piece of information, piece of the sensorial puzzle, good tips and secret techniques... Bring it on!

    I am very excited to try this thing. Let's put this amygdala experience puzzle all together!
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author